Sunday, November 16, 2008

ALMAH - International press about Marcelo's work at Fragile Equality

…“The guitar duo of Barbosa and Schrober proves its worth with fast riffs and Malmsteen influenced breaks proving the high performing potentials making this lineup solid as hell. Just listen to the insane riffs in the homonymous track that has also the title of the heaviest song with a neck-snapping rhythm. I think that ALMAH with this album can stand by their own if only the metalheads will not fall in the trap of considering them as ANGRA part two because they are not. The music follows the Power Metal with the confidence of two most experienced musicians (Falaschi and Andreoli) supported by three talented newcomers”.
Metal Temple (Greece), rating 4/5 (excellent)

…“Especially guitarist Marcelo Barbosa shows he controls his instrument perfectly, both in his solos as in his riffs”.
Lords Of Metal (Holland), rating 80/100

…“You have the volatile vocals of Falaschi which are reminiscent of Michael Kiske (HELLOWEEN) with the driving guitars of Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber nothing can be better but hark-hooked filled tunes with riveting keyboards and a truly amazing timekeeper in drummer Marcelo Moreira is the binding element to it all”.
Rock Eyez, rating 4,5/5

…”If it’s not enough, we have also a sign of progressive technique which is pretty strong, thanks to “guitar heroes” Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber”.
Novo Metal (Brazil), rating 9/10

…“Actually, Fragile Equality presents the work of inspired and technically perfect musicians. The solos of Marcelo are going one after another, pasted together like on a scotch-tape, and if his guitar mate Paulo is not so impressive on his solos parts, he gains revenge as a rhythmic guitarist on the other hand!”
Pavillon 666 (France) 9/10

..."This album sees Edu team up with Felipe Andreoli once more, this time they bring in the guitar duo of Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber and drummer Marcelo Moreira to complete an outstanding line-up that simply put ROCK! This fantastic album gets underway with rip snorting metal anthem ‘Birds Of Prey’, with the guitar duo getting things underway in fine style,(...) The last track was a great display of power and melody this time with ‘Magic Flame’, the mix of speed and melody are equally impressive especially Edu’s towering vocals along with the double kick mastery of Moreira and the splendid licks and riffs of Barbosa and Schroeber, as the pair battle in out with only one winner the listener."
The Mayfair Mall Zine

...”Concerning “You’ll Understand”, the first song presented at Myspace, there are sound effects and a lot of drive in vocals; a short bass solo of Felipe Andreoli in the middle of the song making a kind of “bridge” to extensive double guitar solos of Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Barbosa.
Whiplash (Brazil), rating 9/10

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