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GTR presents its new layout (click "read more" button to read the complete press-release)

GTR Guitar Institute
Press release
March, 2009

GTR Guitar Institute founded by Marcelo Barbosa in 1996 is one of the biggest guitar schools in Latin America. GTR have already graduated over 4.000 students. More than 600 people study in two different units of GTR (Asa Norte and Asa Sul).

Though with time GTR program included many other courses (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, theory of music and others), it's still based on electric guitar as a main speciality.

Besides regular lessons a number of special events are frequently organized by GTR like festivals, intense courses and clinics with GTR guitar masters and famous musicians from other parts of Brazil like Sidney Carvalho, Kiko Loureiro, Edu Ardanuy among others.

To its 10th anniversary, GTR released a special 14 tracks CD recorded by some of the most prominent teachers in 2006.

Marcelo Barbosa: GTR is a project I've been working at already for twelve years. It began as a guitar institute but now we have classes for bassists, vocalists and acoustic guitar players too. I'm responsible for all the didactic material of the guitar course and we have more than six hundred students in two schools. Four years ago I decided to franchise GTR and some people got interested and now we have two schools in Brasilia. It is growing up year by year. We try to teach music, not only one specific style or genre. Rock, Metal, Jazz, Country and Brazilian music are some of the approaches here.

GTR staff unites more than twenty professors experienced in different musical disciplines and styles of music, practicing with their own musical careers and clinics besides regular teaching.

Among GTR graduates are Bruno Albuquerque, Lucas Fagundes, Alex Pires, Ian "Bemolator", Diogo Mafra, Nathan Grego and many others.

Regular courses in GTR include two 50-min individual instrumental classes per week and one hour collective lesson, about musical theory. A student can choose more courses to complete his formation as a musician like Harmony, Home Studio and Music Production.

GTR’s class rooms are acoustically isolated and provided with instruments and modern equipment. The Institute is equipped with Internet-enabled computers to visit musical sites, two Guitar Ports (by Line6 company, USA), isolated video rooms with TV and DVD players for using GTR’s video library with video courses, shows and clinics (more than 100 titles) which are available on dvds and video cassettes.

The main courses:
- guitar
- acoustic guitar
- bass
- vocals

The additional courses:
- musical theory
- ear training
- harmony
- arrangement

Guitar heroes about GTR

Marcelo Barbosa is not only a friend of mine but also a great guitarist. I admire him a lot and from my point of view his GTR is the best and the most complete guitar school in Brasilia. Carry on this way Marcelo and have a good luck!

I’m very happy to see that the guitar education in Brasilia is hold by such reliable hands. GTR is respected due to the efforts, dedication and professionalism of Marcelo Barbosa put in a service of this instrument that we love so much. For sure, GTR has formed and still is forming great guitarists who will always elevate the musical and technical level of the Brazilian Guitar. This is a school where they know the necessity to provide students by all possible conditions to evolve like musicians like individual lessons, videos, events, workshops etc. When I visited Brasilia in 2001, I was impressed by the level of the guitarists like Marcelo Barbosa, Celso Salim and Bruno Albuquerque. I wish GTR having a long great future and more and more new guitar talents. In the end, the art and the culture is one of the most powerful things which any country can have and to be proud of.

Great professionalism and competence are the things that can describe GTR in the best way. This is a school that has Marcelo Barbosa behind the whole thing. He is not only a great musician and a great friend but also a person who knows the right proportion of everything that any guitarist needs to develop himself. Brasilia are in the best hands! Congratulations GTR! Congratulations Marcelo!
Uma escola que tem por tras Marcelo Barbosa, que alem de excelente musico e amigo, conhece e proporciona tudo o que um guitarrista precisa para se desenvolver! Brasilia esta em otimas maos! Parabens GTR! Parabens Marcelo!"

GTR is a school with complete infrastructure and warm humane atmosphere which are necessary for a musician. Only a person without talent can’t start to play there!

I find it fundamental for the new generation of brasilian guitarists that such a school like GTR exists.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

ALMAH won the most important awards by Roadie Crew magazine (Brazil)

According to the readers of the most important metal magazines in Brazil Roadie Crew (#122 March), Marcelo's band ALMAH and its Fragile Equality album have won a few important awards and was elected as
- The best band of the Year (13,5%)
- The best national album (20,68%)
- The best national album's cover artwork (29.98%)

Almah is currently doing the second part of its national tour.
The next show is scheduled on 20th of March (JUNDIAÍ, São Paulo)

Almah French blog represents the most complete collection of the pictures from Grito Rock Festival in Araraquara on 02/28/09:
the first part is here,
the second part is there.

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