Thursday, January 8, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa for Spirit Of Metal Webzine

Marcelo Barbosa with other members of Almah did the interview for Spirit Of Metal Webzine:

How did you get in touch with Almah, how were your first meeting with the band?
Marcelo Barbosa: I knew the members of Almah for years because my band Khallice played with Angra sometimes. The guitarist that was there before me is a huge friend of mine and he indicated me when he left. I leave in another city, far from São Paulo, where Edu and Felipe lives and Edu gave me a call inviting me to join the group, not only to make the 2007 tour. So, I knew that I was a band member since the invitation...

Which other musical instruments can you play?
Marcelo Barbosa: I play acoustic guitars, bass and try to sing sometimes... LOL

You founded the Institute of Guitar (GTR), can you tell us about it? How did you get such idea of the Institute?
Marcelo Barbosa (guitars): GTR is a project I've worked already for twelve years at. It began like a guitar Institute but now we have classes for bassists, vocalists and acoustic guitar players too. I’m responsible for all the didactic material of the guitar course and we have more then six hundred students in three schools. Four years ago I decided to franchise GTR and some people got interested and now we have three schools in Brasilia. The idea started when I was a teenager. At that time information about it was very difficult to find here in Brazil, and basically, only that people who had money to travel to USA could study music in a school like GIT or Berklee. At that time my family didn’t had the money to send me to USA so I started to wonder about open a music school specialized on the guitar. We hadn’t something like this here at that time and it was something brand new. Of course, it is something adapted to our reality, doing business in Brazil is totally different of it in the USA.

Is this Institute big? What kinds of guitar techniques students study?
Marcelo Barbosa (guitars): It is relatively big. We have many students and it’s growing up year bu year. We try to teach music, not one specific style or genre. Rock, Metal, Jazz, Country and Brazilian music is some of the approaches here. About techniques we deal with as many subjects we can, and each student applies it to his reality.

The complete interview of Spirit Of Metal Webzine with ALMAH band members is available HERE.
Thanks Lucky, thanks Almah France for the link.

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