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The short story of MB-1 (Marcelo Barbosa Signature Model) by Marcelo Barbosa (CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE STORY)

Read the original text in Portuguese on Marcelo Barbosa's official website.

Translated by Irina Ivanova, Alex Froloff, Andrei Kulikov (The Power Of Metal Russian Community).

I have always been a great fan of good instruments and I have had various ones during my career. There were many different brands and models, but every one had its proper peculiarities and its identity. Depending on period of my life, I had a passion to some certain instrument spending a lot of time with it. So, it was in such a way with Ibanez of RG series, with Stratos, with Wolfgang and with Telecasters. It’s impossible to choose only one, since every one has its merit and sometimes also its limits.

Ibanez, model Jem was the one, which attracted my attention the most among all the guitars that have ever passed through my hands. This is the signature guitar of Steve Vai, the guitarist I’ve always admired a lot. Besides a good tune and an excellent tone (in general, in case of older 7WH), the playability of these guitars is sensational. Since I have big hands, the standard fretboard and the access to the last fret were really very good.

On the other hand, besides the tone I’ve always liked the feeling of playing the vintage guitars. Stratos, Les Pauls and Teles have the image of the history of rock and consequently of the history of the guitar. And to go to stage with one of these “children” in my hands always makes me feel good. It feels like becoming a part of the history myself… It’s difficult to explain.... I just like it...

When Tagima invited me to develop my signature model I was very pleased, but at the same time quite preoccupied. I didn’t feel like releasing just a guitar under my name only to push something on the market. It should have been some product of good quality and with its own personality. At that time I was playing a lot the stratos and teles. Even the most modern guitars I played basically were stratos with humbuckers and Floyd Rose. At that moment Tagima already had some very good signature models in this style like the guitars of Edu Ardanuy or Juninho Afram. I decided that I must think how to unite the characteristics I liked the most in the guitars in one instrument. It would be the best way to begin. I took a flight to SP with three guitars in my luggage: Fender Telecaster, White Jem and Fender Strato. Having met Seizi Tagima, I explained him my ideas, which were totally respected.

I like the shape of Telecasters despite the fact that these guitars are not so popular. The problem is that the traditional teles are full of “angles” and it became uncomfortable when I started to play them. There could be a solution: to do MB-1 with the shape of tele, but with more anatomical forms, a bit like the most modern, developed stratos. Besides that, the cut away should be large like on a Jem guitar to get the access to the last frets easy. By the same reason I asked to do the junk between the fretboard and the body basing on the same guitar model. At that time Tagima was already doing a type of a headstock I would like to have, with two locks on the top and four on the bottom. I chose this type of headstock, but I had an impression that I would like more to have it inversed, with four locks on the top and two on the bottom.

Besides the layout of the body, I settled on a pickguard in the style of stratos, although the shape is based on the telecasters type, and also I decided that the input jack should be on the lateral of the guitar like on Jems. The chosen pickups were the same I used on some Tagima Strato: Seymour Duncan 59 at the bridge position, JB at the neck position and a single SSL-1 in the middle. All the hardware is by Gotoh. And then I had some doubt: should we use a dark fretboard or a light one? Besides the aesthetic differences, the fretboards done from the light wood are famous for their harsher and brighter sound, and the ones done from the dark wood provide heavier and stronger sound. Well, everything depends on the combination of freatboard, wood of the body and the pickups, which also influence this factor. Since my Tagima Strato had a light wood fretboard, first I decided to choose rosewood fretboard with ivory and cedar body. Thus, the first prototype of this guitar was done and not so many things have been changed since then.

A few years later we had a new conversation, this time with my partner Marcio Zaganin who takes care of the development of Tagima instruments, and a few things were improved. Basically, the position of some switches was changed a little bit, and the edges were smoothed even more making the instrument to be more anatomic and comfortable.

According to those changes, the bind was also moved again. Finally, the back side was changed from black to Sunburst, and the model was ready to be released.
During the last years this one has been my main instrument on stage as well as in the studio and its price/benefit is one of the best on the market. I’m really proud to have this partnership with Tagima over so many years and to have this opportunity to develop MB-1. They are the first company, who believed in my music and started to support me. Such companies like Tagima, who support Brazilian music, are essential for the development of our musical market.
Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know MB-1.

MB 1 - (Marcelo Barbosa)
Body: Cedar
Fret board: Size 43mm (1st fret), 52.3mm (12the fret) Rosewood 24 frets with abalone dots
Sensors: 1 59 Model (neck),1 SSL-1 (center) and 1 JB (bridge) of Seymour Duncan
5-way switch controles, 1 volume and 1 tone
Bridge: Floyd Rose System by Gotoh
Hardware: Gotoh
Hardware color: chrome
Color: Sunburst with black pickguard

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sell music onlineQuantcast

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Solo de Beat It - By Eddie Van Halen

Just having some fun with one of my favorites guitar solos of all times. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!
Marcelo Barbosa

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Guitarosofia 10: Lick with the tapping in A harmonic minor

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Marcelo Barbosa is the new endorser of Condor bags

Marcelo Barbosa: "They are produced by iGig and I must confess they're the best and the most good-looking bags I've ever had. For those who don't know this product yet, I recommend it. If you'd like to learn more about them, please, follow the link:

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GUITAROSOFIA - Part 9 is available!!!!

The 9th part of the series of video lessons in Youtube by Marcelo Barbosa presents the lick using arpejo triads and two fingers tapping.

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GUITAROSOFIA - Part 8 is available now. ENJOY!!!!

The video represents some exercises for the left hand to develop motor coordination and freedom of the fingers.

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ALMAH Official Facebook

Almah Official Facebook is available now.

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GUITAROSOFIA - Part 7 (phrase using arpejo and tappings)

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New official Twitter of ALMAH!!!

Almah launches the new channel: official Twitter account
It will keep you informed concerning all the news about Marcelo's band! Stay tuned and follow! (Designed by Antonio Cesar)

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Marcelo Barbosa launches new official website

Marcelo Barbosa (guitarist of Almah and Khallice; GTR Guitar Institute owner and professor) launches the new layout of his official website . The new design is created by Carlos Fides from ARt SIdE (also Almah, Edu Falaschi, Shaman among other clients). The new Marcelo Barbosa’s website edition represents the complete information about various activities of this great musician and musical professor with his bands and Institute including latest news, schedule of the shows and workshops, equipment, pictures, discography, lessons and much more. The new stylish layout with convenient navigation and rich contents provides the easy access to Marcelo Barbosa’s guitar world.
In addition, Marcelo Barbosa represents his new official blog, Twitter and Youtube layouts.
See also about Marcelo Barbosa:
Official Myspace,
Official English Blog.

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New Marcelo's interview!

The original text in Portuguese
To read the whole text, please, use "read more" button.

1) What is your first musical recollection?

I grew up in musical atmosphere, in spite of that fact that I became the first musician in my family. I always listened at home to MPB (music popular brasileira) like Elis (Regina), Djavan, Caetano (Veloso), Gilberto Gil among others, and I think that all this formed my attitude, some model for me. Thus any other kind of music I could listen to, would be compared with this base, deliberately or not. I was pretty influenced by the explosion of Brazilian rock. At that time there were born bands like Legião, Capital, RPM and others, it was like a real epidemic of rock bands in the city, and as a teenager I couldn’t stay aside. But what really kicked my ass, was the first Rock in Rio festival. I already had a guitar but it was a kinda toy for me. I played from time to time, not having many ambitions. The festival was opened by Globo, and I remember that I was a bit scared by all this. It was a very electrified the world, and I still remember Angus Young or David Coverdale on stage very clearly. At that moment this seed was sown in my head and a bit later, when I was about 15-16, I was sure what I’d like to do in my life.

2) Your first job in music?

It depends on what do your mean saying “job”. It began early. When I was 16-17 I was already playing at nights in the clubs, and before I performed on school festivals and friends’ parties. More or less at the same time I started to give private lessons of acoustic and electric guitar and with time I was hired as a teacher by the two biggest musical schools here at that time. I suppose, it’s possible to call “my first job in music” all this, the private lessons as well as these nights at the restaurants. I used to play there, if I’m not mistaken, on Saturdays with Kátia Monteiro and it was great school for me having such an opportunity so early.

3) How and when did happen your first big appearance on the market?

This is also relative... I guess it happened with the launch of the first CD of Khallice, at first we released it independently, but then it was re-released in Brazil by Hellion Records from Sao-Paulo and some time later by Magna Carta from USA worldwide.

4) The highest point of your career?

Thanks God, it’s now.

5) The biggest disappointment?

I can’t remember anything. I try to keep the achievements and good things. Disappointments and frustrations stay only in my experience and learning. The proper facts are forgotten.

6) What kind of moment the musical scene in Brazil is having now?

I believe that it’s the same with the rest of the world. Some moment of transformation when no one can tell what will happen.

7) If you could change something in musical industry, what it would be?

To prohibit paid promotion of artists in mass-media. I consider it to be funny, because it’s not so hard to solve. Everyone knows it exists, everyone tells that something should be done with it, but no one has necessary power to solve it. Many years ago the situation turned over in this way and the problem is that the public doesn’t ask for anything. Everyone thinks that if any artist is on TV or on the radio, it’s because he’s great, due to his talent, musical abilities, charisma or whatever. In reality, the reason of having such a space is that the artist is almost totally financed or this is politics. This is a vicious circle, because most of the people accept those faces, who appear in mass media because they don’t know anything else. Thus, it becomes easier to make the consumers “eat” anything, as soon as they don’t have any power or any means to choose what to listen to and what to buy.

11) In marketing terms, what’s the difference between Brasilia and other states?

Despite of the fact that Brasília is still far from the ideal, it’s not bad anymore at all. I travel all around Brazil playing, and complaints are always the same everywhere. Even if we are talking about São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Brasília has always been a very musical city and the quality of productions here has made this fact very clear with time. I think our unique beautiful sky and our landscape, which is so green, give us a lot of inspiration. Besides this, before 80’s our city didn’t have a lot of entertainment options, and I suppose, for many habitants at that time it was a good solution to establish a band.

12) Give your advice to a young artist from the outside?

It would be the same for a musician from any other place. To live by music is not very easy in any place, and it’s the worst in a country without necessary base in education and health services. Be professional and it will be repaid. The music, besides being a great entertainment, is a hard work. Accept it like this.

13) If you could have a dinner with three artists (from the past or the present), who would it be?

Jimi Hendrix, Bach and Miles Davis. (Imagine this dinner...) We couldn't even know what kind of music would be played

14) What is the main question you would ask them?

It’s difficult to choose only one question. I guess, I would stay quiet, listening and trying to understand a bit the world of these three revolutionists.

15) In your opinion, who is the most special and greatest popularizer of Brazilian music in the world?

I suppose, it might be unfair name just one. Also, it depends on the style we are talking about: MPB/Bossa Nova or music made for brasileiros. From Carmem Miranda to Ivan Lins, including Tom Jobin, Villa-Lobos, Sepultura, Angra, Hermeto Pascoal among many others. I remember how much I became happy at the show of Chic Corea in Blue Note visiting New York for the first time! After the show we were looking at the posters of the past shows on the wall and we noticed Ivan Lins among tens of world-famous names. I was very proud at that moment.

16) The best things in Brazilian music for today, what should we listen to?

We have a lot of great things in all the styles, but the most of them can’t get the space they deserve in the major mass-media.

17) What is your next challenge?

I’m working at a few projects. There’s GUITAROSOFIA among others: the series of the video weekly guitar lessons in Youtube about the guitar technics, composition, improvisation and much more. Some great but unpretentious “chat” about music. The videos are available here: Actually, the project is much more serious, it’s just the first step.
After the first 20 lessons in Youtube one can buy them on DVD through my website or GTR website, but with partitures and tabs, in addition to 10 unreleased lessons which will not be published in Youtube.

18) Your favorite album (CD or Vinyl) of all times?

What a boring mania to make me choose just one thing among many great others... :lol: It depends on the day, my sense of humor, my mood. I like very much Revolver by Beatles, at least it came in my mind now. But I must confess that I’ve never thought about having just one unique favorite album, it could be very narrow to care about choosing only one album.

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Marcelo Barbosa at Expo Music 2009 (São Paulo/SP)

Marcelo Barbosa’s Schedule (date/time/event/participants/stand):
September 24 (Thursday), on 14:30 - Marcelo Barbosa and Felipe Andreoli - NIG
September 24 (Thursday), on 17:30 - Workshop - Marcelo Barbosa and Felipe Andreoli - NIG
September 24 (Thursday), on 18:00 - Workshop - Frank Solari (Elixir) and Marcelo Barbosa (Elixir) - Izzo (Elixir Strings)
September 24 (Thursday), on 19:10 – Workshop - Condor (Orange Amps)
September 25 (Friday), on 14:30 – Workshop - Marcelo Barbosa and Felipe Andreoli - NIG
September 25 (Friday), on 16:50 Workshop - Condor (Orange Amps)
September 25 (Friday), on 17:30 – Workshop - TAGIMA
September 25 (Friday), on 18:00 – Signing Session - Santo Angelo
September 25 (Friday), on 19:00 Workshop Marcelo Barbosa (Elixir), Klaus Ximenes (SG), and Rodrigo Oliveira (Vic Firth) - Izzo (Elixir Strings)
September 26 (Saturday), on 13:45 – Workshop - Marcelo Barbosa and Felipe Andreoli - NIG
September 26 (Saturday), on 15:10 – Workshop - Condor (Orange Amps)
September 26 (Saturday), on 18:00 - Signing Session - Santo Angelo
September 27 (Sunday), on 15:15 – Workshop - Marcelo Barbosa e Felipe Andreoli - NIG
September 27 (Sunday), on 16:00 - Signing Session - Santo Angelo
September 27 (Sunday), on 16:50 – Workshop - Condor (Orange Amps)
September 27 (Sunday), on 18:15 – Workshop - TAGIMA


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

GUITAROSOFIA - Part 3 is available now

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Show with Almah

September 6, São Paolo (BR), Santos

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Interview for Hard Blast webzine

Maila: What are the 5 main and necessary steps for those who intend to be guitarists like you?
Marcelo: I´ve never thought about it this way but let´s see what I can do. Well, first you´ve gotta know about music, learn how to listen to music and research the references. Second: study to learn. It can be done through a teacher, a good school or even by yourself if you think it´s better. Everyone must choose what´s the best way. Third: play with other people. It means nothing if you play very well but only to you bedroom´s wall. The relationship with other musicians in different musical environments is essential to anybody´s development. Fourth: be professional. It isn´t because you decided to work with arts that you are not a regular professional. You must see your career as a real job and make it as important as one. Last thing, never stop researching and studying. A professional who doesn´t go for constant improvement loses the chance of creating something new and innovative. Nobody is too good to stop learning.
Maila: A message to the readers, please.
Marcelo: Never give up on your goals even when they look impossible to achieve. Dreaming is part of living and it´s fuel to the soul. Who spends all the time with both feet on the ground loses the magnitude of flying. Don´t dream too much, though, work hard to achieve your dreams. Only dreaming won´t bring you anything and nobody will work for you.

The complete text of the interview interview by Maila-Kaarina in English
The complete text of the interview in Portuguese

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Marcelo Barbosa's GUITAROSOFIA

Marcelo Barbosa launches series of video lessons in Youtube. The series consist of short videos where Marcelo tells about different aspects of playing the guitar, musical theory, composition, improvisation. The material is produced by GTR Instituto de Guitarra with support of Tagima, Elixir, Orange, NIG, IBOX and Santo Angelo.

The first lessons are already available:

Marcelo Barbosa: "I have a very big love and interest in teaching music, teaching playing the guitar. This is one of the possible ways I found to give an opportunity for all who are interested to learn more about the world of six strings. It's a pleasure to share a part of what I learned and found myself during more than 20 years dedicated to the instrument."

The videos also to be available:
Marcelo Barbosa Youtube Channel
GTR Youtube Channel

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Marcelo Barbosa about the last shows of Almah (click Read More or here to get the complete story and pictures)

Original story in Portugues is here

As some people already know, at the end of this week we did two shows after a few months without playing: one in the capital of São Paulo and another in Ourinhos, some city in the same state. As usual, I’m here to tell you my end-of-the-week story.

Although the first show had to happen on Friday, 31th of July, we decided to meet in SP one day before, on Thursday to do at least one rehearsal after such a long time we haven't played this difficult stuff together. Felipe was going to arrive on Friday, but it made sense to do some small rehearsal even without him.

I departed from Brasília on 4 p.m. on 30th and landed in SP on 5-40 p.m. or something like this. I used the flight time to start reading the bestseller “Cabana”. In the beginning it was good but in my opinion it started to get boring yet before the middle. (I really don’t know if I have patience to read it till the end!). When I arrived to the destination, my band mates Edu, Paulo and Moreira were already waiting for me at the airport to go to the rehearsal room, where we would work from 8 p.m. till 11 p.m. Since it was too early, we went to eat some pizza right in the airport, because otherwise we should have stayed without eating till 11 p.m.

When I stay in São Paulo it always surprises me how Edu always looks at the watch worrying if we have enough time to arrive to a certain place, even if we have 1,5 or 2h in reserve! On 18:30 or something like this we entered Edu’s car with all our bags and equipment. Edu forgot to take out the baby’s seat and it made the process more emotional: we were tightly placed there. And it’s clear that we got into heavy traffic and arrived at the studio a bit later than 20:00.
The rehearsal was going very well and although we hadn’t played together for a long time, all sounded much better than expected. I believe, the great number of shows we had played before this pause helped us a lot to stay in a good shape. From there we went to a hotel, left there our bags and equipment before going for dinner. And once again we ate in Sujinho, traditional São Paulo chain with different restaurants all around the city. Time flew by in eating and talking a lot and we could fall asleep only after 2 a.m.

On the next day after a walk and a breakfast on Av. Paulista we returned to the hotel to have a small rest until 6 p.m. when we had to go to Manifesto to do our soundcheck. I always wonder why we never come back to hotel and have to stay right at the venue till show-time, even if the show should start only at 2 a.m., like in this case! For sure, the soundckeck started only at 8 p.m. (when the soundcheck begins in time, it means that there’s Santa Claus who is working at the sound desk and Chip and Dale work as a roadie and a light engineer). Thanks God, we did it fast and closer to 9 p.m. we were already free. And what could we do to until 2 a.m.? For sure, to have a dinner was a great idea! Local people advised us some good shopping center located not far from there. I wanted to catch some cinema in between the dinner and the show, but couldn’t due to the schedule, so we came back to Manifesto (but only after going to drink a coffee with Felipe).

The show began after 2 a.m. and was very good. The venue was full and people were true and excited. It could have never been better. It’s very pleasant to look at the audience and recognize some faces of people who always visit our shows since the very beginning and some of them have already become our friends. I believe this is one of the best parts of our work (besides the opportunity to play with friends). To get to know new great people, new places, to find new friends… After the show finished at 4 a.m. we went to a bar to meet the fans, to make photographs, to do autographs and to talk with some friends. We returned to the hotel almost at 6 a.m. and although Paulo and Moreira wanted me to go to eat with them, I preferred to walk alone to the hotel to sleep for about 40 minutes. I had already learnt that our manager Vera would pick us up on eight to go to Ourinhos.

As soon as I put my head on the pillow, the time to go downstairs with the luggage came. From hotel – to Edu’s house where we drank some coffee and went to the place of our appointment with the crew of Rafael Bittencourt, since our show in Ourinhos was arranged for both bands. We were able to leave SP a little bit after eleven, I think so, and very soon I already fell asleep. But I awoke every hour because it was not so easy to put a 1,87m person like me comfortably in any seat of such a microbus like we were traveling in.

We arrived to Ourinhos almost at 6 p.m. Soundcheck was scheduled for six :lol: … Ok, happily, the crew of Bittencourt Project had come earlier to set the equipment. Soundcheck between six and nine and a dinner in some Argentinian restaurant not far from the venue. Great food and nice atmosphere. We returned to the hotel closer to 11. Chat, shower, bed with a book and alarm clock on the telephone rings. Show time!

The venue wasn’t really full. The local promoter told us that people have fear of crowds because of swine flu and he heard that many of them didn’t come due to that reason. Despite that, people who came really enjoyed the show. It’s great to feel the audience trembling with every song. I would have liked to see the show of Rafael, but unfortunately I was very tired after the previous night and this kept me from arriving to the venue earlier when we had to go to the stage ourselves.

The show finished, photos, autographs, chats, waiting for the roadies and we went to the hotel after 5 a.m. while our departure to SP was scheduled for six. How nice… My flight to Brasília was at the quarter past midday, thus I should have been at Guarulhos one hour earlier, 11-15. Coming into the bus, all of us fell asleep and the trip passed fast. We crossed the first SP precincts almost at eleven and Rafael was very kind to offer to bring me to Guarulhos airport, to another side of the city. During our way we had a great conversation about music, career, market, composition etc. I departed as planned, though with some small delay, and arrived in Brasília at 2-30 p.m. with some strange feeling that nothing had happened and I was still at the airport, taking the flight to SP... :lol:

Thanks to all who shared these shows with us and helped this trip. I hope to give you some great news soon!

Pictures from Ourinhos by Mitsuo

See the complete gallery on Almah French Blog!!!
Thanks to Sylvie Catez for the links.

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Interview with Marcelo Barbosa made by fans (Almah France together with Almah Japan)

Thanks to Sylvie Catez (Almah France) for the interview. To read the complete interview, please, click Read More button.

Almah France(France): Hi Marcelo! Could you introduce yourself for the French and Japanese public, please?
Hi everyone, I’m Marcelo Barbosa, Almah’s guitar player and it’s a pleasure for me to answer these questions for you guys.

Almah France (France): When did you start to learn to play the guitars?
It’s not easy to precise, that’s a lot of time from there. LOL... I was thirteen years old I think. It was 1988/1989, I guess and I was deeply influenced by the first Rock’n’Rio festival and by some Brazilian rock bands that started to have huge success at that time here in Brazil.

Almah France (France): Could you tell more about GTR? Why did you create it and when? Could you introduce GTR for French and Japanese people, please?
OK, GTR is my musical school. I created it about twelve years ago and it was quite natural for me. At that time I used to teach guitar at other music schools. There wasn’t any musical school here, in Brasilia really specialized in the guitar. It was a dream for me to have my own guitar school, with a good method, great teachers and modern equipment. I started with one room and one guitar, the thing grow up and now we have more than twenty teachers and more than five hundreds students. We teach the guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and we have vocal classes too. Nowadays GTR is a franshise and we have two and soon we will have three schools in Brasília.

Almah France (France): What did you learn with Almah (in studio, on stage)?
I try to learn from everything. It’s quite a mania or an obsession. Keeping this in mind I think I’m always learning a lot and it isn’t different in Almah. When I joined the band I already had some studio and stage experience, so I didn’t have a lot of news concerning this matter. I think I learned a lot about musical businness, about relationships, some different points of view concerning music… In the studio I have learned that there are a lot of different ways to get the same result...

Lupi Blue (France): What kind of strings do you use?
I’m an Elixir endorsee. I use Elixir 0,10 gauge. It has more sound than 0,09 but it doesn’t hurt my finger tips like the 0,11. So this is an interesting point between a better tone and my fingers health... LOL

Frogfingers (France): Have you got a particular training before starting to play the guitar?
Not a specific one. I do like to play some guitar before get on stage but nothing special. Anything that makes my firgers to get up. Normally I play some cromatisms that I consider to be good, because it exercise every left hand finger equally. I keep changing the exercises from time to time because if I don’t do that, I get bored.

Frogfingers (France): When did you start to feel free with your instrument, with a good musical vocabulary? (How many years after beginning your practice?)
It’s a good question. I have never thought about that... Almost from the beginning I have felt connected to the guitar players extremely good like Steve Vai, Malmsteen and Joe Satriani. So, it took some time to feel free playing this kind of music. I think maybe something about five or six years. On the other hand, I’ve always felt free when I play the guitar and this is why I had no doubt about being a musician and working by 100% with the music.

Shred 666 (France): What are your main influences and your favourite bands or musicians?
It changes from time to time. I do like pop and rock music like Steve Wonder, Michael Jackson, Muse among many others. Among the rock/metal stuff I like more Pantera, Metalllica, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Rush... It’s too difficult to choose something to put on a list. About musicians, starting with some guitar players and then going to other instruments I would mention such names like Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, Allan Holdsworth, Michel Camilo, Miles Davis... AAAAAAHHHHHHHH I feel this is so unfair to many other great musicians... I can’t keep doing this. LOL

Metallaw (France): Hi Marcelo ! I’d like to know what do you think about guitar schools like Berklee? Do you think it’s the only way to learn to play? How did you learn to play? In a musical school?
I believe good schools of any subject are really helpful. But I’m sure, it’s not the only way to learn how to play. We know many great musicians who have never been at some musical school. This is only one of many ways to learn how to play. I think, the knowledge is a bless and if you have how to get it with a good teacher it is really good. I had guitar and music classes in many schools and teachers. Learn is a passion for me and I’m just waiting for some free time to start again studying about Jazz, improvisation and Harmony.

Metallaw (France): Do you listen a lot of music? What do you listen to besides metal?
Yeah, I listen to a lot of music. I can say that metal is maybe only 25 or 30% of what I listen. Besides metal I’m listening to Joshua Redman, an incredible saxophonist of smooth jazz, NuJazz or whatever. I normally run at the park and right when I do that I’m listening to the last Guns’n’Roses album (ok, you can bit me, I loved it...), some Muse songs and the last Metallica album... My Ipod is almost a JukeBox ...

Pimousse (France): Hi Marcelo! I’d like to know if you have hobbies besides music?
Yes, I have. I do love to read good books and to see a good movie. I have a lot of DVDs and books here and if I could I would see one movie each day. Recently I’m addicted to a TV seriees called Criminal Minds. It’s great! It’s about serial killers and I have good time with it. Besides that I practice Taekwondo since I’m a teenager and I love it.

Pimousse (France): Will you record a solo album in the future? It will be so great
This is in my plans for this year. I’m working at the songs and I think before the end of this year you can be surprised with a good news about it. It depends on how much Almah will be on the road this year.

Symphony (France): Hi Marcelo! Could you tell us about your musical equipment? Amp, guitar, etc ... What do you use exactly?
Hum... I have a lot of equipment and what I use on stage or in a studio depends on which tone I want. I have a signature guitar made for Tagima to me, the MB-1 model. There are my main guitars but I have a lot of others like PRS 513, Fender Strato, fender Telecaster, Nzaganin, Ibanez among others... I have some amplifiers too like MesBoogie Dual Rectfier and Mark IV, Orange, Line 6... On stage with Almah, because I need to be practical I use a PodX3 Live with some NIG Pedals in its loop. Normaly I ask for a Marshall JCM 900 with a 4X12, and bring two guitars MB-1 with me, one tuned in Eb and the other one in Eb with the botton in Db.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

New endorsement

Marcelo Barbosa has just signed a new endorsement deal with ORANGE, the world famous British amplifier company: The brand is well-known due to its work with such artists like Tony Iommi, Gary Moore, AC/DC, Iced Earth, Jimmy Page, Slipknot among others. Marcelo Barbosa is also endorsed by Tagima (guitars), Santo Angelo (cables), NIG (pedals), Elixir (strings)and IBOX.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

GTR advertisement for the biggest local TV channels

Marcelo Barbosa: I'm very happy with the result and I'm very thankful to my great friends for ideas, conceptions or their talent which helped me to finish this clip: Serj Buss (who is always full of great ideas), Edu Falaschi, David, Jorge and Vania! It's always great to contact with such talented, experienced and intelligent people! ;) I hope, you will like it too!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Highlights 2009: Almah in Rio (Hard Blast webzine review)

ALMAH – Circo Voador – Rio de Janeiro – April 5th 2009
By: Maila-Kaarina Riippa

The band is good! The black and the blond guitarists Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber showed speed, technique, beautiful solos and the most important thing: interaction. Felipe Andreoli kicked ass with his 6-string bass and fast fingers playing with no pick, beautiful to see, Marcelo Moreira played as strong as a Heavy Metal drummer always should do and one thing must be emphasized: the sound was perfect. It was possible to listen to each instrument with very good equalization. The drumming was strong, full of great kicking and exciting cymbals, guitars were perfectly distinct, we could feel both guitarists styles, bass lows were making us feel them in the chest and Edu´s singing was very good too.

The complete review is here

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UPDATED Marcelo Barbosa about the current moment in his career

Hello folks!

Marcelo Barbosa is here to tell you about what’s going on. During the break in Almah work due to Edu and Felipe’s activities with Angra I’ve used this time for doing my other projects and things. In the professional field I’ve composed a few songs for the new CDs of Khallice and Almah and for a solo CD as well. I meet Michel and Netto (Khallice musicians) one or two times per week to write and arrange some new songs which will complete the new CD together with the stuff of Inside Your Head EP. Many things are ready and very soon we will be able to know how much time we need to finish the album. I’m very excited with the direction our songs are taking, and I’m sure that this work will really amaze everybody. Also, I regularly meet Edu Falaschi who is a guest at my place right now. We are talking a lot about the new CD of Almah, showing each other many ideas, which, as we believe, would fit this new work. We will make pre-production of one or two songs during the next few days. Edu has already got much great music ready, and I find that it will be even more difficult to choose what will be included in the CD, what will not. In the meantime I’ve worked a lot in my guitar Institute GTR. Actually, the school is going through its excellent moments, this week an audition of the students has started. It’s a real hard work to put more than 150 students to play and sing in a theater, but this is a part of our job and the result is always very rewarding.
I thank everyone for the support and see you soon here and there!
Marcelo Barbosa

Fala galera!

Estou escrevendo pra contar um pouco de como andam as coisas por aqui. Com a pausa do Almah devido às atividades do Edu e do Felipe com o Angra tenho aproveitado para colocar em dia outros projetos. No âmbito profissional tenho composto algumas músicas para os CDs do Khallice, Almah e também para um CD solo. Encontro o Michel e o Netto uma ou duas vezes por semana para, juntos, escrevermos e arranjarmos algumas das canções que estarão se somando ao EP Inside Your Head para completar o CD. Muita coisa já esta pronta e em breve poderemos precisar em quanto tempo o trabalho estará concluído. Estou muito empolgado com o rumo que as novas músicas estão tomando e tenho certeza que este trabalho vai surpreender positivamente a todos. Tenho encontrado regularmente o Edu Falaschi também, que inclusive, durante esses dias, se encontra hospedado aqui em casa. Conversamos muito sobre o novo CD do Almah, mostramos muitas músicas que acreditamos ser boas referências para esse novo trabalho e faremos a pré produção de uma ou duas músicas nesses dias. O Edu tem muita musica boa pronta e acho que vai ser muito mais difícil escolher o que entra ou não no CD do que compor. Nesse mesmo tempo tenho trabalhado muito com no GTR. A escola está num excelente momento e as audições dos alunos começam esta semana. É muito trabalhoso colocar mais de 150 alunos pra tocar/cantar em um teatro, mas faz parte do nosso trabalho e o resultado é sempre muito gratificante.
Agradeço a todos pelo apoio e espero vê-los em breve por aí!

Marcelo Barbosa

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa about Michael Jackson (R.I.P.)

I’ve always been a big fan of Michael. Besides his controversial personality, one thing is undeniable: his incomparable talent. Without any doubt, he is one of the most talented men who has ever set his foot on the planet Earth. He is not a human being anymore but a figure. This is also sad that I’ve never seen him performing live. (Who knows, maybe it could have been possible during this farewell tour, which will never happen).
It reminds me how my friends and me, while being teenagers, used to try to make a “moon walker” or after some years, used to try to play solo of Beat It. This is the inspiration, the history of life besides all the problems. This is a truth that Michael came to this world and changed it with his talent. He changed the concept of pop music, of show business, of clip making, developed his unique way of dancing and did many other things. Thus, he didn’t simply come here, he made some difference. And what kind of difference! Congratulations that you lived here and that you left us. Rest in peace and have a good trip to out there, who knows, maybe one day we will sound together again.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

English translation of the new interview for Guitar Player magazine (May 2009)

The guitars are at the perfect harmony on Fragile Equality, like double solos on “You’ll Understand”, for example. How it worked, this connection between you?

Look, thanks God, we didn’t have any problem regarding that. Paulo entered the band almost at the end of the process of pre-production, and he came full of ideas and arrangements for the songs. Also he composed some things with Edu and it was for good. We got to know each other one month before the recording or something like that and we got along with each other very well as the persons and as the musicians. That’s funny, but even during the recording both, Edu and Felipe, discussed that they already felt the influence of one to another regarding our concord and the way of playing. I hadn’t known about his work before he entered the band, but very fast he became a big friend of mine. I believe that our musical connection became possible due to respect and admiration from both sides.

How did you enter Almah?

I entered during the first album tour. At that moment the band consisted of the members of Angra without guitarists, and Edu Ardanuy. After a few shows Edu (Ardanuy) decided to leave the band due to personal reasons, and he indicated my name for his place. I’d already known these people due to our meetings at workshops, shows in Brasília with my other band Khallice, and Expomusic. I suppose, it also made their decision easier. Edu got in touch with me and finally he said something like that: Ok, it’s great that you were found. The problem is the following - the next show is to be in 10 days, and you should learn all this repertoir, 20 songs including Angra, Almah and covers before the next week, so that we can do at least two rehearsals together, ok? :) And it was a period of time I don’t remember much about except rehearsing…
Very heavy riffs are a constant thing of the album. Was it decided beforehand for this disc, or did everything flow out naturally?
Both things. We had already had an idea that the album would sound heavier than the melodic metal albums that we considered as a reference. It guided us during the composing and producing of the album. Besides that, almost the all tuning settings of the CD are in Eb with sixth string in Db. Only this made the songs heavier and it was also put together with that fact that Paulo used the 7-strings guitar in some songs.

What kind of electric and acoustic guitars did you use?

Basically I used my Tagima MB-1, my signature model, and for some rhythm parts a Carvin, which belonged to the studio, it had a hard tail and it was equipped with hard gauge strings, 0,13 I guess. The location of Almah musicians is a bit complicated. I live in Brasília, Paulo and Moreira live in Caxias do Sul. We finished all electric guitar parts close to the flight time to come back home. Thus, the recording of the acoustic guitar parts planned to be done after the electric guitars, were played by Edu himself and Felipe. They did it very well. They used Yamaha acoustic guitars.

Was Edu Falaschi coming up with some melodies, or were the guitars totally your responsibility?

Working in Almah we all have some good freedom to choose, even knowing that sometimes it can generate some certain climate. We knew that every individual part affected the final result, affected everything. Edu presented some ideas, yes, and he chose among others Paulo and me worked at. He did a job of the album producer, besides being the founder of the project, and even having some certain freedom for the others practically everything was being done under his decisions, which is natural under these kind of circumstances.

Which effects were used in order to achieve this kind of sound of this CD?

We used my Marshall preamp valve JMP-1 connected with Mesa Boogie Strategy 500 equipped with a cabinet of 4 x 12, also Marshall. In some moments we also used a stack 5150 of Peavey. Besides that, according to what every song required, we used different pedals like boosts (mainly, for the solos and some melodies) and one or another effect. I remember that Shred Pro and Dual Chorus by NIG were used and some others like Full Drive by Fulltone and Phaser by Van Halen by MXR.

Tell us about your other projects.

I play in two other bands. Khallice is a prog metal band already known by a big part of Brazilian metal audience, the band is going to do its second release soon. Zero10 is a band formed by childhood friends I have a pleasure to play with every week in night clubs in Brasília for almost 10 years. We play the best of pop, rock and metal of all the times. Since I adore to play live Zero10 supports this kind of desire when the shows are regular. Besides that, I’m the founder and the owner of GTR Guitar Institute that already for 15 years graduates professional musicians and music-lovers. At the moment I’m working a lot at my instrumental compositions. I suppose to record my first solo CD still this year, if everything works.

Where did the recording happen and who was responsible for the producing?

We recorded the album in Norcal Studio, right in São Paulo. The studio contains excellent rooms, the first class equipment and its technics really know what’s going on. It’s hard to believe, but it’s not too easy to find all this in Brazil. The producing became a responsibility of Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli.

Since Angra’s back, what will happen with the tour dates of Almah?

This question still puzzles us as well. :) We still don’t know exactly, because we don’t know to what kind of rhythm of work Angra is going to come back. But we know that Almah is not going to stop, regardless of Angra. We still suppose to begin with a new CD this year, and there’s an idea to continue playing, maybe less frequently, but every time we have a “breach”. At the same time, it allows me to work hard at my other projects waiting what kind of life is reserved for me. Only time will tell what will happen.

Having two extra class guitarists in one band, how did it worke, the process of dividing the solos and bases without fight of egos in the studio?
We tried to divide the solos and passages rather in some equilibrium manner. We didn’t have any problem with that, it was a thing quite natural for us. We don’t have lead guitarist in Almah, like in some bands. Both played the roles of soloist and of rhythmist. It was some new experience for me to play together with another guitarist and I’ve used it for learning, not only the guitar.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa's story about the show of Almah in Rio :)
(click "read more" button to see the complete story)

At the end of the previous week I had another trip, at this time to this wonderful city. Great news for all: Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful! Unfortunately, the period I spent there was too short, so I didn’t have time to benefit from all the charm of this city.

The show was arranged to Sunday, 5th of April, at Circo Voador, one of the most traditional places for concerts in Brazil. But my saga started on Saturday, 4th of April, because I have a contract to play every Saturday in my life (at least, for now) in some pub in Brasília called UK Brasil. I play there with my pop/rock band Zero10 and the venue is always full of nice and funny people and the place itself is really cool. This is the idea for those who stay here on weekends… The show of Zero10 finished closer to 3:00 a.m. I was waiting for our roadie to put my equipment in the car and to go away, when my telephone played: TRIMMM. Who could do it at this time of the night? It was my friend Kaká who lives in Sao Paolo, she stayed for the holy week here in Brasília with her family.

- Did you eat?
- No.
- Let’s go to some café.
- Hum… (thinking that no one bag is packed yet)… let’s go. (thinking that we meet very rarely and who knows when the next opportunity is going to happen).

Kaká came to UK doors and we went to McDonalds to drink some McCafé... :lol: It was quite short, but it was enough time for her to tell me that after holidays she should start rehearsals for the musical Hair Spray, where she would work with Miguel Falabella (famous Brazilian TV, cinema and theater actor, producer and director) and others celebrities... I became happy by this news, besides that fact that there were no news. Since some time she changes one great performance for another, always staying on the billboards of some great stuff. So, my congratulations one more time. :lol: ;)

Almost 4 a.m... My flight departs on 8:30 and what is important, I should be at the airport on 7:30 a.m. and have to wake up on 6:30 a.m. for that. Why, GOD? I go to sleep on 4 a.m. and something, alarm clock is set for 6:30 a.m., two hours to sleep… it should help. I’m going to sleep, good ni…. TRRIIIIIIIIMMMMM!!!!!! It’s impossible! Ok, there’s no use complaining. I wake up, take a bath, pack a bag (only for one day, it’s easy) and my equipment. Then I’m going to call a taxi. Ops... it’s already 7:15... but if a taxi arrives too late? Since it’s only for one day, I go to my car, leave it at the airport and take it on the next day. I boarded and spent the flight half-sleeping, half-awake.

I landed in RJ about 10 a.m. The promoter was waiting for me at the airport (his name was Rodrigo, if I’m not mistaken, a great guy). From there we went to another airport to meet Edu and Felipe. Moreira and Paulo arrived one day before. From there we went to a hotel in Copacabana, located close to the hotel where I stayed the previous year for the show of Khallice with Dream Theater… We checked-in close to the noon, the launch was fixed on 13-00 and the soundcheck should start on 14 p.m. So, there’s some time to sleep a little biii… TRIIMMMMMMMM! WHAT THE HELL! It’s impossible. Ok... We had a lunch in a very good restaurant, they said this is one of Martinho da Vila (a Brazilian samba musician). I think the name was Graça da Vila or Vila da Graça... something like that.

The soundcheck: we arrived a little bit after 14-00 to Circo Voador and became very happy with what we had seen. The place is VERY cool. It’s one of the best places I’ve ever played in. Besides that, there was the first-class equipment and the technics were super and very polite persons (like most of the “cariocas”) in addition to their great professional qualities. The soundcheck proceeded until 3 p.m. and something, and on the way to the hotel (almost on 6 p.m.) I got to know that we should be on stage on 8 p.m., or at least, to be in Circo before this time. Ok, everyone has a rest, which he deserves… We were on 7-15 p.m. at the lobby. I’m going to stay a bit here in the bed tryin….TRIIIIIMMMMMM Zombie way: we arrived there on the show time when the opening act was already finishing their show. I thought whether my aunt and my uncle had come in time and whether some of my friends were there. There was no time to check…

As for me the show was very cool. I admire the public in Rio de Janeiro and this show made me do it even more. It was cool to see people singing Almah songs and to see the excitement of everybody when we began to play their favorite songs. Besides that, it was some pleasant feeling, some aura of playing on the stage where such worshipful bands started their careers. During the show I was succeed in noticing my aunt and my uncle, both in GTR T-shirts. So it was easy… :lol: Despite the heat on the stage and my tiredness from traveling I kept in mind every moment of the show and I believe that the public did the same.

After the show finished, we stayed for some time backstage with some fans and friends, taking photos and giving autographs. I talked a little bit with my aunt and Varotto, they were those two friends I was waiting for to see at the show. I became happy that they had come. We went out about 11 p.m. and we decided to leave our equipment in the hotel before going to eat something. We went to some place called Sindicato do Chopp, it is located right on the shore. I think on Copacabana as well…. Or close to that… In the end, the food was very good, they said the “chopp” is good as well, but do you know what’s the problem? The last four times I visited RJ different persons who didn’t know each other took me exactly to this place! I begin to think that there’s not accidentally… who knows, maybe some discount for those who bring tourists.

In order to not to feed up my fame of a grumbler and wasting the time for sleep I didn’t complain, also because I admire the “picanha com farofa de ovos” they cook there. Besides the band, some people from the local promoter were there. It was a real fun to be there with these very nice people. Closer to 1 a.m. I was already overcome by sleep. Since I knew that the hotel was located not far from there and people still were eating and drinking, I let them know that I would go by feet. In the end, some walk along the coast shouldn’t be bad. Felipe and Paulo decided to go with me.

We came to the hotel on 1 a.m. and something and after some short chat with my room-mate Felipe I fall asleep. I was able to wake up on 7-30 a.m. so as to take a bath, to eat something and to be at the lobby on 8-30 to take a van to the airport. Finally I could sleep a bit more and to wake up rested… TRRRRRRIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMM! Thunder and lightning! Bath, cafe, van, airport, plain, MY CAR (By the way: I paid R$ 41 for one day at its parking lot, it’s more or less the same I should usually pay for every trip by a taxi to my house. As far as I would have needed two trips, there and back, I saved R$41) eeeeeeeeeee GTR. It was already afternoon and I had to give lessons from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Thanks a lot to everybody assisted at the show in RJ. I’m waiting for to see you again soon!

Everyone has a LIFE he deserves. And in the end… I admire this kind of life! ;)

Translated by Irina Ivanova
The original review in Portuguese is here

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

ALMAH in Rio de Janeiro, April 5th: photos (collected by Almah France)

Photo galleries from Almah show in Rio collected by Almah France:
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Thanks to Sylvie Catez for the great work!

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Almah (Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro, 05/04/09) by Whiplash
(click "read more" button to see the complete review)

By Monica Fontes/Whiplash
For more photos and the original review in Portuguese
Translated by Irina Ivanova

After some successful tour around different cities in Brazil Almah has chosen Rio de Janeiro for the last show supporting “Fragile Equality” album. Unfortunately, Almah will have to reduce its tour activities due to Angra’s comeback and its upcoming tour with Sepultura announced for the next month, since the vocalist Edu Falaschi and the bass player Felipe Andreoli take part in both bands.

There were big expectations regarding Almah show, because the band had not played in Rio de Janeiro since 2006. And this time, it was completely different line-up.
The show began with “Birds Of Prey”, one of the most impressive songs from “Fragile Equality” recognized as the best album 2008 by different mass media. “Take Back Your Spell” and “Children Of Lies” from the first CD of the band were the next ones.
The band played two Angra’s songs in order to remind about this great act, both ones by the authorship of Edu Falaschi - “Bleeding Heart” and “Nova Era”, the audience has always accepted them very well. It is important that before, when Angra actively worked, many people asked the band to play “Bleeding Heart”. Let’s see if these fans are excited of the band coming back.
The show proceeded with the songs from both Almah CDs. Almah live always amazes by its harmonious team-work on stage, by freedom and technique of all the musicians. The guitarists Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Barbosa perform everything in the way, which is very close to the record itself, and the fans like it. They impressed a lot those people who had not seen them live yet.
The bassist Felipe Andreoli, who has always been a remarkable musician, working in Angra and his other projects, looks even more free in Almah. And the aggressive style of Marcelo Moreira (drums) also contributed a lot to this heavy sound always demonstrated by the band till now.
I’d like to emphasize two killer songs “Magic Flame” from the 2d album and “King” from the 1st one. They are great recorded on the CD and even better live, they were two highest points of the show. “Torn” considered as the best song of “Fragile Equality” by many people, also became a remarkable moment.
“Forgotten Land” is one of the nicest ballads of Almah. Besides singing, Edu Falaschi also played keyboards. He looked very excited being on stage, he did one of his best performances and he left everyone excited to see him in May singing the classics of Angra. He conducted the show perfectly from the beginning till the end, making clear why he is considered to be one of the biggest names in metal in Brazil and the whole world.
The band finished the show by “You’ll Understand”, the first published song from “Fragile Equality” on the bands MySpace page, now it available there together with “Birds Of Prey”, “Fragile Equality” and “Torn”.
For us, “cariocas” (people who live in Rio de Janeiro), it was worth the wait to see this show, it justified all the expectations.
Let’s wait for a break in Angra’s schedule so that Almah starts working at a new album and returns to represent itself again. It shouldn’t take too long because the metal scene in Brazil really needs this band.

Set List:
Birds Of Prey
Take Back Your Spell
Children Of Lies
Bleeding Heart
Magic Flame
Fragile Equality
Golden Empire
Scary Zone
Forgotten Land
All I Am
Beyond Tomorrow
Nova Era
You’ll Understand

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy birthday, Marcelo!

Thank you for your great work in the music and for the music, all the best for you, great health, peace and all your dreams come true. Always have enough time and power to do all you have in your mind and in your heart, whatever it is: reading 1001 books, teaching 1001 students or composing 1001 songs rs
Tudo de melhor, saúde e paz from your "team"!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

ALMAH in Rio de Janeiro, April 5th: a few fan videos (click "read more" to see more)

By TheMirai99

Children Of Lies



Birds of Prey

Magic Flame

Take Back You Spell

Forgotten Land

Golden Empire

You'll Understand

Nova Era

Beyond Tomorrow


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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

GTR presents its new layout (click "read more" button to read the complete press-release)

GTR Guitar Institute
Press release
March, 2009

GTR Guitar Institute founded by Marcelo Barbosa in 1996 is one of the biggest guitar schools in Latin America. GTR have already graduated over 4.000 students. More than 600 people study in two different units of GTR (Asa Norte and Asa Sul).

Though with time GTR program included many other courses (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, theory of music and others), it's still based on electric guitar as a main speciality.

Besides regular lessons a number of special events are frequently organized by GTR like festivals, intense courses and clinics with GTR guitar masters and famous musicians from other parts of Brazil like Sidney Carvalho, Kiko Loureiro, Edu Ardanuy among others.

To its 10th anniversary, GTR released a special 14 tracks CD recorded by some of the most prominent teachers in 2006.

Marcelo Barbosa: GTR is a project I've been working at already for twelve years. It began as a guitar institute but now we have classes for bassists, vocalists and acoustic guitar players too. I'm responsible for all the didactic material of the guitar course and we have more than six hundred students in two schools. Four years ago I decided to franchise GTR and some people got interested and now we have two schools in Brasilia. It is growing up year by year. We try to teach music, not only one specific style or genre. Rock, Metal, Jazz, Country and Brazilian music are some of the approaches here.

GTR staff unites more than twenty professors experienced in different musical disciplines and styles of music, practicing with their own musical careers and clinics besides regular teaching.

Among GTR graduates are Bruno Albuquerque, Lucas Fagundes, Alex Pires, Ian "Bemolator", Diogo Mafra, Nathan Grego and many others.

Regular courses in GTR include two 50-min individual instrumental classes per week and one hour collective lesson, about musical theory. A student can choose more courses to complete his formation as a musician like Harmony, Home Studio and Music Production.

GTR’s class rooms are acoustically isolated and provided with instruments and modern equipment. The Institute is equipped with Internet-enabled computers to visit musical sites, two Guitar Ports (by Line6 company, USA), isolated video rooms with TV and DVD players for using GTR’s video library with video courses, shows and clinics (more than 100 titles) which are available on dvds and video cassettes.

The main courses:
- guitar
- acoustic guitar
- bass
- vocals

The additional courses:
- musical theory
- ear training
- harmony
- arrangement

Guitar heroes about GTR

Marcelo Barbosa is not only a friend of mine but also a great guitarist. I admire him a lot and from my point of view his GTR is the best and the most complete guitar school in Brasilia. Carry on this way Marcelo and have a good luck!

I’m very happy to see that the guitar education in Brasilia is hold by such reliable hands. GTR is respected due to the efforts, dedication and professionalism of Marcelo Barbosa put in a service of this instrument that we love so much. For sure, GTR has formed and still is forming great guitarists who will always elevate the musical and technical level of the Brazilian Guitar. This is a school where they know the necessity to provide students by all possible conditions to evolve like musicians like individual lessons, videos, events, workshops etc. When I visited Brasilia in 2001, I was impressed by the level of the guitarists like Marcelo Barbosa, Celso Salim and Bruno Albuquerque. I wish GTR having a long great future and more and more new guitar talents. In the end, the art and the culture is one of the most powerful things which any country can have and to be proud of.

Great professionalism and competence are the things that can describe GTR in the best way. This is a school that has Marcelo Barbosa behind the whole thing. He is not only a great musician and a great friend but also a person who knows the right proportion of everything that any guitarist needs to develop himself. Brasilia are in the best hands! Congratulations GTR! Congratulations Marcelo!
Uma escola que tem por tras Marcelo Barbosa, que alem de excelente musico e amigo, conhece e proporciona tudo o que um guitarrista precisa para se desenvolver! Brasilia esta em otimas maos! Parabens GTR! Parabens Marcelo!"

GTR is a school with complete infrastructure and warm humane atmosphere which are necessary for a musician. Only a person without talent can’t start to play there!

I find it fundamental for the new generation of brasilian guitarists that such a school like GTR exists.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

ALMAH won the most important awards by Roadie Crew magazine (Brazil)

According to the readers of the most important metal magazines in Brazil Roadie Crew (#122 March), Marcelo's band ALMAH and its Fragile Equality album have won a few important awards and was elected as
- The best band of the Year (13,5%)
- The best national album (20,68%)
- The best national album's cover artwork (29.98%)

Almah is currently doing the second part of its national tour.
The next show is scheduled on 20th of March (JUNDIAÍ, São Paulo)

Almah French blog represents the most complete collection of the pictures from Grito Rock Festival in Araraquara on 02/28/09:
the first part is here,
the second part is there.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

ALMAH - Report about the show in SESC, Santo André at Whiplash webzine

One of the most important brazilian online mediums Whiplash reports about Almah show in SESC, Santo André 02/13/09. The complete review about the show by Bel Gasparotto (text and photos) is here (in Portuguese).

And here are the pictures from this report with Marcelo Barbosa :

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