Sunday, January 30, 2011

The newspaper “Correio Braziliense” about Marcelo Barbosa’s “Guitarosofia”

The main newspaper in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and home city of Marcelo Barbosa, Correio Braziliense, published an article dedicated to Youtube online network. Youtube was established in February, 2008 and since then Youtube which allows any Internet user to publish his videos online became a serious platform not only for entertainment, but also for professional activities. The author analyses the secret of this network and mentioned a few cases when various people improved their work or even turned their hobbies into a real profession with the help of Youtube. One of the main examples of Youtube impact on the professional field is the series of online guitar lessons by Marcelo Barbosa “Guitarosofia”. Read this part of the article in English:

There are teachers who take this virtual platform quite seriously. It’s the case of the guitarist Marcelo Barbosa who created his project “Guitarosofia” - the series of 15 online 10-minute lessons. Marcelo hired a professional cinematographer and a photo editor in order to produce the material: “The idea was to share a bit of my knowledge with people who would like to attend my lessons but don’t have conditions to do it due to financial or geographic reasons, - tells Marcelo. – At the same time, I wanted to present my school and (why not?) my own name as a guitarist.”

The musician chose a natural style, talking to the cameras without certain scenario: “Every lesson is done as I stay in front of a student and talk to him naturally. Sometimes I even falter or just stop in order to think what I want to tell next”.

The series have already got 75.000 views and the material should be released as a DVD.

The complete material in Portuguese.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

The new photogallery with many offstage photos from Marcelo's trip to NAMM (California, U.S.A.)

The new photogallery with many offstage photos from Marcelo Barbosa's trip to California (USA) where the guitarist participated in NAMM musical exhibition is available on his personal profile in Facebook . Check it out here.

In case you don't have a registration in Facebook, we upload a few pictures from the gallery here:

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marcelo Barbosa has concluded “Guitarosofia”, the series of 15 guitar lessons on Youtube

Marcelo Barbosa has recently concluded the series of 15 free video lessons on Youtube GUITAROSOFIA published during 2009-2010. The material consists of short professional videos in Portuguese where Marcelo explains different aspects of playing the guitar, musical theory, composition and improvisation. The very first video was launched in August 2009 and now you can check out the complete series on the official Youtube channel of the guitarist here. “Guitarosofia” is produced by GTR Guitar Institute with the support of Tagima, Elixir, Orange, NIG, IBOX and Santo Angelo. In 2011 Marcelo Barbosa is to release expanded material of “Guitarosofia” on DVD.

Marcelo Barbosa: “Publishing with great satisfaction the last, 15th video lesson, I accomplished my main idea to spread some knowledge as a free material in the Internet. I mean, not simply “any” material, but something with a very good production, content and personality. I’ve done it in order to give some strength to musicians of initial, intermediate or professional level and mainly to those who don’t have conditions to pay for private lessons. And up to the moment when I’ve started to write these words, we’ve got almost thirty thousand views of these videos on the channel. On the whole there are more than 2,5 hours of the recorded and edited free of charge material available. I don’t have any idea how many hours of work has it taken in order to get to the final result. The material published in Youtube is gratis and will always be. At the same time, I get many requests to post tabs and stuff like that. That is why I decided to fulfill my initial idea to launch “Guitarosofia” also in a special package with all the lessons in high quality on DVD and with tabs of all the examples I played there. The material is to be released very soon. I don’t know yet, if and when I continue the project, may be I’ll do it in the future, but definitely it won’t happen in 2011 because at the moment I have other goals. If you like “Guitarosofia”, please, make your comments, add to your favorites, embed the stuff to your pages, recommend to your friends helping us to spread this material, to keep the whole idea alive and to stimulate the interest to the study of this great instrument that we love so much!”

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