Thursday, April 29, 2010

ALMAH confirms its participation in Marreco's fest 2010 in Brasília, DF (Brazil)

ALMAH confirms its participation in Marreco's fest 2010 in Brasília, DF (Brazil). According to the official press-release of the event, the band is one of the headliners of the night and will play on June 19 at Camping show in the heart of Federal District.

Besides Almah Marreco's fest 2010 has already five other confirmed bands: Mystifier, Dark Avenger, Sarcasm, and Uganga Heaven's Guardian. The festival is ready to accept 17 bands and more acts will be confirmed soon.

Marreco's rock festival takes place every year since 2001. It is a very important cultural event of the region which represents and consolidates the underground music and musical industry of the region. Promoted by the musician and producer Fábio Marreco, the event becomes more and more popular throughout these years, and it has taken its proper place in the festival schedule of Brasiília.

More information about the event:

In the meantime, Almah musicians continue to work at their other bands, projects and enterprises. Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli are finishing the new Angra's album, the release is scheduled for August, also they continue their activities as producers and musical teachers. Marcelo Barbosa manages his GTR Guitar Institute, works with the band Khallice and other musical acts. Paulo Schroeber is working at his solo album and currently touring with his other band Astafix.

This is the second officially confirmed date of Almah for this year. Before Marreco's fest the band will visit Minas Gerais to participate in Roca'n'Roll fest (June 12). More news coming soon.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Several pictures from Khallice show

Last week Marcelo played with his band Khallice at the 50-years-anniversary of Brasília. Here you can see a few pictures from the event made by Guilherme Negrão:

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Insomnia - acoustic guitar part from Marcelo

"Fun in Drop D. But sleep just for 3 hours ain't that fun... :( Hope you enjoy!"

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guitarras do Cerrado event: interview with Marcelo Barbosa

Marcelo Barbosa to participate in the DVD recording of GUITARRAS DO CERRADO project playing JIMI HENDRIX. The event is dedicated to 50-years-anniversary of the capital of Brazil, Brasília and will take place in UK BRASIL PUB on April 21, 8 p.m. GUITARRAS DO CERRADO project was established in 2003 and presents the union of the leading names of the guitar world of Brasília and its region such as: KIKO PÉRES, HAROLDINHO MATTOS, MARCELO BARBOSA, CELSO SALIM, ALBERTO SALES, DILLO DARAÚJO, DOCA, TONINHO MAIA and MAURÍCIO LAVENÉRE. Here you can read the short interview of Marcelo Barbosa in relation to this event done for GUITARRAS DO CERRADO official website.

Complete name: Marcelo Silva Barbosa

Date of birth: 07/04/1975

How and when did the music come to your life?
I was 11 when I was influenced by the explosion of Brazilian rock and later by the first Rock'n Rio festival which got me into the first contact with some great world rock icons.

Why was it the guitar?
Without any doubt, the guitar is one of the most expressive instruments existing in the music. Besides that, this is a symbol and a synonym of rock'n roll, the musical style which made me want to be a musician.

What does Jimi Hendrix mean for you, as a musician and as a guitarist?
An important milestone in the history of the instrument. Without any doubt, any guitarist in this world (whether he wants it or not) who came after him has some Hendrix influences in his proper style, even without realizing that.

Which album or song of Hendrix would you emphasize?
Are You Experienced kicks ass.

If you had an opportunity to play with him, which song would you like to play?
It’s difficult to choose only one, but I think, Purple Haze.

If this meeting happened in Brasília, where would you take him to play?
I think it might be quite interesting to play with Hendrix on the esplanade of the ministry departments. Who knows, maybe on the Congress ramp, it was some show there a few years ago.

Whom would you invite to assist this musical walk in Brasília?
All the sensitive persons with good taste and admirers of real artist expressiveness.

Whom wouldn’t you invite?
For sure, anyone who take part in the actual system of the government of Federal District.

Your message for 50 years of Brasília anniversary
I’m too biased to say it due to my passion to the city, I was born and I was made here. I’ve already gone all over Brazil and a little bit over the rest of the world and in general I’ve never been in a better place for living. Long live Brasília and the quality of life it guarantees to us!

Guitarras do Cerrado website (in Portuguese)

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Marcelo!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

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