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ALMAH: Marcelo Barbosa + Edu Falaschi interview for Terroraiser mag
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Almah interview with Edu Falaschi and Marcelo Barbosa
Terroraiser print magazine (Ukraine), #4-2008 by Thrashmentor,
original text of the interview in English

TERRORAISER: How would you describe the new CD, what do you consider to be the most important musical developments on “Fragile Equality” compared to the debut album (do you know it?). What’s your contribution to the new record and what do you consider to be your personal influence on the new direction of Almah?
Edu Falaschi: I prefer to describe FRAGILE EQUALITY with the words that I heard from many fans and important journalists. “It’s the best power metal album in 2008”, “It can become a reference to the next power metal generation”, “It’s fresh, modern, sophisticated and powerful”. If they say it, who Am I to say the opposite? I just agree!
Marcelo Barbosa: I think the new CD is more consistent, heavy and sophisticated. The first one was composed and arranged basically by Edu, who is a great musician but in FE we have the contribution of each one in the band. Everyone brought his personal musical influence to this work and this is what makes it so special. Moreira is a great melodic/traditional metal drummer, Paulo has that kind of trash’s influence and I’m really connected to progressive and prog metal stuff. This mixture gave personality and uniqueness to the sound.

TERRORAISER: What were the main differences between your approach to the recording of “Fragile Equality” and “Almah” albums? Was it different feeling?
Edu Falaschi: Now it’s a band album, the first one was just my solo project. Now there is a very concentrated energy from 5 guys that tried to make the best metal album as possible.

TERRORAISER: ALMAH started as a project, but now this is a “real” band. What does it mean for you “to be a real band”?
Edu Falaschi: I believe in the power of a united and focused group. The proof is Fragile Equality, this is the real meaning of being a real band. Yeah, it’s important to say that now Almah is a full time band and not a solo project anymore. We want to make more and more records with this line-up that is: EDU FALASCHI, MARCELO BARBOSA, PAULO SCHROEBER, FELIPE ANDREOLI AND MARCELO MOREIRA. Those are the best Brazilian powermetal musicians we have nowadays.

TERRORAISER: How much and what does each member contribute to the new album? Let’s start with you ;))
Edu Falaschi: Everybody was essential to this album. I started with the band, I know, but their knowledge, talent and dedication were very important to get such a fantastic result.

TERRORAISER: How did you get the invitation to join Almah? Did you know these guys before? And what did you felt?
Marcelo Barbosa: Yeah, I knew them from Angra. We played together many times in some gigs that both Angra and Khallice played. Besides this Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin) is a big friend of mine and he was playing with Edu Falaschi during the 2007 tour. When he quit for personal reasons he gave my name to Edu and Felipe, and he told me. Edu Falaschi called me himself asking if I wanted to join the group and I had less than two weeks and two rehearsals to get familiar with the set list. It was a big challenge!

TERRORAISER: Would you tell us about your musical background, where did you play before Almah and what will happen with these bands in the future?
Marcelo Barbosa: 've always been a hard worker. I had so many bands and different projects but no one with Almah’s magnitude. I have a prog metal band called Khallice (, I play every week with Zero10, a pop/rock band from my home town. Besides this I’m the owner of a music institute here and I spend a lot of time teaching, and keeping things under control at the institute. For now I’m trying to conciliate everything but, thanks god, it’s not easy. I think it’s possible to continue with everything, but only time will tell.

TERRORAISER: What equipment did you use for the recording?
Marcelo Barbosa: I used my Tagima Signature guitars MB-1 mostly. For some riffs and rhythm sometimes a Carvin equiped with Elixir Strings 0,12 was used too. The sound of this instrument was great but it was so hard to play... my things were falling apart LOL We used a JMP-1 Marshall pre amp connected to a power Mesa Boogie Strategy 500, some pedals and a Marshall 4X12 cabinet.

TERRORAISER: Are you satisfied with the recording process and production of the new CD? How did you feel yourself not only as a singer but also as a producer of the cd? Was it easy to run the whole process?
Edu Falaschi: well, I’m really satisfied in recording and producing such a good and strong album, but It wasn’t easy, we spent 8 mounths doing the whole production. We tried to make the best metal album as we can, I’m sure we got it.

TERRORAISER: Could you explain the lyrical contents of your new album – this is a concept album, isn't it? How is it reflected in the cover artwork?
Edu Falaschi: The concept of the lyrics are based in a book that I’m co-writing. It’s an adventure MANGA book. And the story talks about the balance we need to get in everything in our lives. Everything in the CD is related to some kind of balance.

TERRORAISER: Where did you draw your inspiration for both, for the composing and the lyrics-writing, for "Fragile Equality"?
Edu Falaschi: Inspiration is the key, you can’t explain it. Words is not able to explain where the ideas came from. I just leave the ideas start pumping up. Music is my life. Well I play many instruments I think it helps a bit.

TERRORAISER: Which song(s) on the new CD do you like the most and closer to your heart and why?
Edu Falaschi: I love it all, I see this CD as one whole.

TERRORAISER: Marcelo, what about you?
Marcelo Barbosa: Difficult question... I think it changes from time to time. I’m worried about choosing just one, maybe the others can start to feel sad because they weren’t chosen... LOL. Ok, today I will choose Torn...

TERRORAISER: What was the first song that you wrote for this album?
Edu Falaschi: I don’t remember the first one but the last one was BIRDS OF PREY.

TERRORAISER: The creation of what song did take the longest period of time?
Edu Falaschi: I think it was YOU’LL UNDERSTAND.

TERRORAISER: You have begun to receive the first reviews and other kinds of response. What do you expect from the reviews this time? What’s the first reaction around the globe?
Edu Falaschi: I’m really surprised especially with the reviews and comments around the new almah’s album, some important journalists say that fragile equality can become a reference for the next powermetal generation and that this album is a masterpiece or a jewel or powermetal. That’s cool to hear.

TERRORAISER: Can you tell us a weird or funny story that happened in ALMAH camp, maybe on the road, in the rehearsal room or something like thish?
Marcelo Barbosa: There are some good stories. For me, I remember my debut show with the band. I had been with Almah only for two weeks and Edu Ardanuy who was the guitar player of Almah before me is a very famous here in Brazil. I was at the backstage and I heard the crowd shouting ARDANUY, ARDANUY, ARDANUY!!!!! Nobody knew until that day that he had left and I was afraid of coming on the stage because the crowd was expecting another guy on the guitars... LOL. Luckily, after some songs, Edu introduced me to the public and a few moments later they were like MARCELO, MARCELO, MARCELO!!!!!

TERRORAISER: What do you think about the music of today? Do you really feel that metal is ready to become #1 again?
Edu Falaschi: Metal is becoming more popular again, specially in USA. If it explode there, it goes to everywhere.

TERRORAISER: What’s your opinion about modern Metal scene? Which bands / styles do you especially like, which ones absolutely not?
Marcelo Barbosa: I do like metal very much, but I don’t have much time to follow that much what is happening in the scene. I've always liked some old bands like Led, Deep Purple, Rush, more in metal Metallica, Pantera and things like that. My progressive vein leads me to Dream Theater, Symphony X, Pain of Salvation etc... There are so many special works in every musical field that I don’t feel well choosing just five of them. The fact is that I do like everything made with the heart and the brain (in this order) and I don’t like music that doesn’t touches me when I listen to it. I know this is a very subjective answer, but this is how I feel about this subject.

TERRORAISER: What are your exact plans for the near future? Professionally and personally?
Edu Falaschi: Making Tours, video clip and DVD. Personally many things, but it’s private.

TERRORAISER: The greatest highlight of 2008? (the interview was done in Nov. 2008)
Marcelo Barbosa: I’m sure it didn’t happen yet. But playing our music in some of the most important music festivals in Brazil, for more than 20 thousands people is always amazing.

TERRORAISER: Thank you very much for your answers! Is there anything you would like to add / last words and greetings?
Edu Falaschi: Thanks for all the support and please visit us at:,


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