Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marcelo Barbosa's KHALLICE will be an opening act of IRON MAIDEN show in Brasília (DF, Brazil)

The band of Marcelo Barbosa KHALLICE, will be an opening act of IRON MAIDEN show in Brasília (DF, Brazil) on 30th of March 2011 during The Final Frontier World Tour of the "kings" of heavy metal. KHALLICE will appear on stage at 19h30, don't miss it! It won't be the first time when the prog-metallers from the capital of Brazil support shows of legendary rock and metal bands. In 2010 KHALLICE opened Guns N'Rouses concert in Brasília, but maybe the most significant performance in the band's history happened in 2008, when KHALLICE shared the stage with DREAM THEATER in Rio de Janeiro.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

ALMAH is back with new album in 2011

We are glad to announce that ALMAH enters the Norcal Studios in São Paulo on 2th of May to record the material for the long awaited 3rd album, the follow-up of successful Fragile Equality (2008). The line-up remains the same: Edu Falaschi - vocals, Felipe Andreoli - bass, Marcelo Barbosa - guitars, Paulo Schroeber - guitars, Marcelo Moreira - drums. The release of the album, as-yet-untitled, is planed to be released in September 2011 worldwide.

"I’m very happy with Almah’s comeback in 2011, first of all, because this third CD should consolidade Almah as a band once and for all!!! This album will show you a mature band and it will define the individuality and language of our sound, which is the most important thing! I’m very exctited to launch it soon!"
Edu Falaschi

Almah was established by Angra’s singer Edu Falaschi in 2006. Marcelo Barbosa joined the band in the second half of 2007. The previous CD, Fragile Equality saw the light of day in September/October 2008 through JVC (Asia)/Laser Company (Brazil)/AFM Records (Europe, North America) and became one of the most significant and best selling power metal albums at that time. In Brazil it was recognized as the best album of the year and Almah became the best band according to the rock and metal media. The Fragile Equality tour started in São Paulo in November 2008 and finished in June 2010 in the home city of Marcelo Barbosa Brasília. Then the musicians began to prepare the ideas for the next CD. More details about the new album will be revealed soon.

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Two videos from Marcelo Barbosa's workshop in Niterói (RJ) in December 2010 at Escola Música Moderna

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