Friday, November 19, 2010

VIDEO: Marcelo Barbosa at EXPOMUSIC 2010

Check out the new official video of Marcelo Barbosa's presentation at ExpoMusic 2010. ExpoMusic is one of the biggest exhibitions of musical instruments, equipment and accessories in Latin America and it is one of the most important business events in São Paulo (Brazil). 27th Expomusic took place in São Paulo on September 22-26th, in Expo Center Norte. As an endorser of the guitars Tagima, the cables Santo Angelo and the pedals NIG Marcelo Barbosa made a few workshops at the stands of these companies.

Official Youtube channel of Santo Angelo has recently revealed the video of "Memories" composition by Marcelo Barbosa performed during the wokshop of the guitarist at the stand of the company. Marcelo Barbosa has been a partner and endorser of Santo Angelo more than five years.

There are many legends and stories about the supernatural happening in the Brazilian Central Plateau. One of the few that we believe relates to an exceptional guitarist named Marcelo Barbosa, who at 17 years has taught guitar at two schools in Brasilia / DF. Listen and tell us what you think.

(By Santo Angelo)

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Marcelo Barbosa presents a new part of Guitarosofia

Check out new videos of Marcelo Barbosa's Guitarosofia! As usually, the material is published at the official Youtube channel of the guitarist. It continues the series of short training videos in Portuguese.

Marcelo Barbosa left the following message in his Official Portuguese blog concerning the subject:

"Ok, tomorrow I will go to North America again, this time just to rest, to enjoy friends' company and to get to know a city that I have not had an opportunity to see before despite its attraction, Miami.

I have been working a lot at the didactic materials of GTR (Guitar Institute) as well as at the compositions for some projects I take part in. But I couldn't leave Brazil without presenting one more episode of Guitarosofia series. Once again, I had to divide one lesson into two parts due to Youtube ten-minutes limit for one video. I publish both parts at once. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it!"

See More videos at the Official Channel Of Marcelo Barbosa in Youtube

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Artemis musicians about Marcelo Barbosa in the interview for "Edu Falaschi France"

Artemis musicians, the drummer Pedro Senna and the guitarist Nathan Grego have been recently interviewed by Sylvie Catez for "Edu Falaschi France". Among other matters, the musicians expressed their respect to Marcelo Barbosa who played a great part in the history of the band and in the musical education of its members. Artemis is a young metal band from Brasília and the musicians are currently finishing their work at the debut as-yet-untitled album with the producer Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah). A few members of Artemis are GTR students - both guitarists, Nathan Grego and Gabriel “T-Bone” are the students of Marcelo. Before the vocals recording, a great singer Alírio Netto, Khallice frontman entered Artemis. Netto is not only a band mate of Marcelo in Khallice, he is also a respected professor and a part of GTR Guitar Institute team.
"I would like to thank Marcelo Barbosa who supported us during this period and also had a special participation in the album. The album is the result of more than one year of work, so it was very worked to show our talent to everyone", - told the guitarist Nathan Grego in the interview.
Read the complete article HERE.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Khallice has launched its official Twitter

Marcelo Barbosa's band Khallice has launched its official Twitter:

"Now the band Khallice also has its official Twitter. The design is done by my great partner Carlos Fides, from Artside. Don't miss the opportunity to follow, in this way you will always receive all the news and updates. See you there!"

Marcelo Barbosa

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The nation-wide success of Marcelo Barbosa’s GTR Institute

We’re proud to announce that some teachers and former students of GTR headed by Marcelo Barbosa have recently entered the finals of the two most important guitar contests in Brazil in 2010.

Dimas Andrade is one of the seven finalists of Double Vision contest, chosen from 500 candidates. In the final of the other contest, Tagima Dream Team 2010, there are two GTR related masters. Besides Dimas Andrade, the guitar teacher Ian Lucena has also reached the final. Both are former students of GTR and nowadays they teach in the Institute.

It’s also an honor to us that two other ex-students/teachers of GTR have been specially mentioned in Double Vision contest, despite not entering the grand final: Alex Pires and Rodrigo Fernandez.

It’s very important for us that many GTR students and teachers have played a significant part in all the guitar contests on the national level during the last years. This is a real evidence of incredible talent, professionalism and dedication of everyone who is a part of our great GTR family.

We can also mention such GTR names as Lucas Fagundes (NIG, Souza Lima), Bruno Albuquerque (NIG, Tagima Dream Team), Ian Lucena (NIG) and Rodrigo Fernandez (Kiko Loureiro/D'Addario).

”I’m really proud to have this opportunity to work personally, in my lecture room with all these people and many other great guitarists. I’m very happy to put my efforts in the music education process of every one of them. I’m totally sure, that it’s only the beginning.

Thanks a lot to all the students, teachers and partners and good luck to our new talents!”

Marcelo Barbosa

Check out a few videos of the masters from GTR:

Dimas Andrade

Alex Pires

Rodrigo Fernandez

Ian Lucena (Bemolator)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marcelo Barbosa will participate in Expomusic 2010 (Brazil)

The guitarist Marcelo Barbosa will participate in 27th International musical exhibition Expomusic 2010 which will take place in São Paulo on September 22-26th, Expo Center Norte.

Expomusic is one of the biggest exhibitions of musical instruments, equipment and accessories in Latin America and it is one of the most important business events in São Paulo (Brazil). Expomusic 2010 will present 200 exhibitors from Brazil and abroad. More about the event (in Portuguese):

As an endorser of the guitars Tagima, the cables Santo Angelo and the pedals NIG Marcelo Barbosa will do a few workshops at the stands of these companies and also he will participate in special events around Expomusic 2010.

Check out the schedule of the guitarist:

19/0910 - Tagima Dream Team - 18:40 (
20/09/10 - Final Double Vision Competition (Marcelo is in the jury of the contest
23/09 10 - EXPOMUSIC - Workshop Tagima - 15:30 to 16:15
24/09 10 - EXPOMUSIC - Workshop NIG - 14:00 to15:00
24/09 10 - EXPOMUSIC - Workshop Santo Angelo - 16:00 to 16:30
24/09 10 - EXPOMUSIC - Workshop Tagima - 17:45 to 18:30
25/09 10 - EXPOMUSIC - Workshop Tagima - 17:00 to 17:45
26/09 10 - EXPOMUSIC - Workshop Tagima - 15:30 to 16:15
26/09 10 - EXPOMUSIC - Workshop NIG - 17:00 to 18:00

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

GTR lead by Marcelo Barbosa is a partner of one of the most important musical festivals in Brazil

GTR Instituto de Guitarra headed by Marcelo Barbosa will take part in the upcoming Porão do Rock Festival in Brasília in a very special way. The school will give a name to the heavy metal stage of the festival: this year it will be PALCO GTR. The event will take place on 11th of September. Porão do Rock is one of the most important musical festivals of Brazil. This year many important Brazilian bands will play on PALCO GTR such as Korzus, Andre Matos Band and Dynahead. Porão do Rock is an independent musical festival, its history started in 1998. This is not only musical event, Porão do Rock is famous due to its important social activities, it got many national awards over the years.
More about the Festival (in Portuguese):

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Check out a new video of Marcelo Barbosa

Having some fun practicing over Govan's backing track.
Some chromatic stuff here.
Web cam, so... sorry about the bad quality of this video.
Please thumbs up, fave and subscribe, ok?
Marcelo Barbosa

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

ALMAH official statement

photo by Paula Mordente

ALMAH has just finished another part of Fragile Equality Tour. The band played in various cities of Brazil finishing this leg on the stage of Marreco’s fest in Brasilia.

ALMAH’s founder, frontman and mastermind Edu Falaschi has come up with an official statement about the recent tour and the future of the band:

“I would like to give a lot of thanks to everybody from the name of Almah for your incredible love and support during these five years of the band. The whole FRAGILE EQUALITY TOUR was unforgettable, mainly due to the amazing presence of the fans on the latest shows: it’s impossible to explain how it feels to see you singing along to all our songs! We haven’t been able to visit all the cities where we would like to play, but we will make it possible in the next tour! At the moment Felipe Andreoli and me are quite busy with the new ANGRA’s things, which naturally slow down the rhythm of Almah activities. However, it doesn’t mean that the band will be stopped. We are already working at new ideas for the next album and when the best moment for it comes we will record a new CD and we will back on track! See you soon, my friends! ALMAH is here: Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Barbosa, Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Moreira!”
Edu Falaschi

ALMAH was initially established in 2006 as a project of ANGRA’s singer Edu Falaschi. Since then ALMAH has released two albums worldwide (Almah 2006/2007, Fragile Equality 2008), has turned from a solo-project into a regular band, and has won its own important place on the world metal scene. Edu Falaschi’s mate from Angra Felipe Andreoli (bass) also joined the band in 2007 and they work in ALMAH simultaneously with Angra. The band also relies on Marcelo Barbosa (guitars), Paulo Schroeber (guitars) and Marcelo Moreira (drums). All the musicians of Almah have got their important place on Brazilian metal scene playing in various bands and projects, producing CDs, making workshops and doing teaching and didactic work.

More about ALMAH:

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

ALMAH tour June 2010 galleries:

Photo by Paula Mordente:

See more photos:

Almah in Belo Horizonte by Paula Mordente:
Almah in Belo Horizonte by Insite.Eventos
ALMAH in Goiânia:
Almah at Marreco’s fest (Brasília):

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ALMAH entered Top-10 of HMR (Heavy Metal Radio)

We are really proud to inform you that ALMAH has recently entered Top-10 of HMR (Heavy Metal Radio), one of the most important international Internet radiostations in the world, with the songs TORN and GOLDEN EMPIRE:

ALMAH - Golden Empire (Almah 2006/2007)
3rd place in Top-10 of the week
4th place in Top-20 of the past 30 days

ALMAH - Torn (Fragile Equality 2008)
6th place in Top-10 of the week
10th place in Top-20 of the past 30 days

According to, on 21th of June 2010.

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ALMAH song in AFM compilation

ALMAH song Beyond Tomorrow has been included in a new AFM compilation (to be released July, 23).

According to AFM records:
On July 23, the new Heavy/Power Metal compilation "Metallic Dawning" will be released. With 32 songs on 2 CDs and a playing time of more than 150 minutes this compilations offers "value for money". It will be available for special price and even include 3 unreleased tracks (Ross The Boss, Circle II Circle and Elvenking). The cover artwork has been created by Bulgarian artist Dimitar Nikolov.


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marcelo Barbosa: Invitation to Brazilian Guitar contest (in Portuguese, more info about the contest in English: and instrumental composition in honour of great Brazilian guitarists Sydnei Carvalho and Alex Martinho:

More Marcelo Barbosa's videos:

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rest in peace, Ronnie James Dio

This is a very sad feeling of finiteness that comes with a death of some person. In case of persons well-known worldwide this feeling is even more intense, because it’s like you lose someone very dear. Happily, in case of Dio, his marvelous life-work turned him immortal. It’s enough to hear any of his classic works of any of his bands to be convinced that his legacy will live on, whether he is physically present or not. Rest in peace, Ronnie James Dio.

Marcelo Barbosa

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Monday, May 17, 2010

All I Am Solo played by French guitarist Frédérick Doré

Marcelo Barbosa: "I became happy to see the solo recorded on another part of the world which has been played so precisely. Congratulations, brother!"

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Friday, May 14, 2010

ALMAH resumes Fragile Equality Tour

In June 2010 ALMAH is again on the road with Fragile Equality Tour program. The new leg of the tour will include a few dates in Brazil. According to the bass player Felipe Andreoli, the band is booking as many dates as possible while Angra is finishing the production of the new CD. The band is very happy to come back on stage with Fragile Equality Tour program. One of the shows will take place in Marcelo's home city - Brasília. Marcelo's band KHALLICE is to play with Almah this time in Goiânia!!!

Almah - Varginha/MG - 12/06/2010
Roça N’ Roll Festival

Almah - Belo Horizonte/MG - 13/06/2010
Hard Rock Café

Almah & Khallice - Goiânia/GO - 17/06/2010
Bolshoi Pub

Almah - Brasília/DF - 19/06/2010
Local: Marreco's Fest

More info:

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

ALMAH confirms its participation in Marreco's fest 2010 in Brasília, DF (Brazil)

ALMAH confirms its participation in Marreco's fest 2010 in Brasília, DF (Brazil). According to the official press-release of the event, the band is one of the headliners of the night and will play on June 19 at Camping show in the heart of Federal District.

Besides Almah Marreco's fest 2010 has already five other confirmed bands: Mystifier, Dark Avenger, Sarcasm, and Uganga Heaven's Guardian. The festival is ready to accept 17 bands and more acts will be confirmed soon.

Marreco's rock festival takes place every year since 2001. It is a very important cultural event of the region which represents and consolidates the underground music and musical industry of the region. Promoted by the musician and producer Fábio Marreco, the event becomes more and more popular throughout these years, and it has taken its proper place in the festival schedule of Brasiília.

More information about the event:

In the meantime, Almah musicians continue to work at their other bands, projects and enterprises. Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli are finishing the new Angra's album, the release is scheduled for August, also they continue their activities as producers and musical teachers. Marcelo Barbosa manages his GTR Guitar Institute, works with the band Khallice and other musical acts. Paulo Schroeber is working at his solo album and currently touring with his other band Astafix.

This is the second officially confirmed date of Almah for this year. Before Marreco's fest the band will visit Minas Gerais to participate in Roca'n'Roll fest (June 12). More news coming soon.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Several pictures from Khallice show

Last week Marcelo played with his band Khallice at the 50-years-anniversary of Brasília. Here you can see a few pictures from the event made by Guilherme Negrão:

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Insomnia - acoustic guitar part from Marcelo

"Fun in Drop D. But sleep just for 3 hours ain't that fun... :( Hope you enjoy!"

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guitarras do Cerrado event: interview with Marcelo Barbosa

Marcelo Barbosa to participate in the DVD recording of GUITARRAS DO CERRADO project playing JIMI HENDRIX. The event is dedicated to 50-years-anniversary of the capital of Brazil, Brasília and will take place in UK BRASIL PUB on April 21, 8 p.m. GUITARRAS DO CERRADO project was established in 2003 and presents the union of the leading names of the guitar world of Brasília and its region such as: KIKO PÉRES, HAROLDINHO MATTOS, MARCELO BARBOSA, CELSO SALIM, ALBERTO SALES, DILLO DARAÚJO, DOCA, TONINHO MAIA and MAURÍCIO LAVENÉRE. Here you can read the short interview of Marcelo Barbosa in relation to this event done for GUITARRAS DO CERRADO official website.

Complete name: Marcelo Silva Barbosa

Date of birth: 07/04/1975

How and when did the music come to your life?
I was 11 when I was influenced by the explosion of Brazilian rock and later by the first Rock'n Rio festival which got me into the first contact with some great world rock icons.

Why was it the guitar?
Without any doubt, the guitar is one of the most expressive instruments existing in the music. Besides that, this is a symbol and a synonym of rock'n roll, the musical style which made me want to be a musician.

What does Jimi Hendrix mean for you, as a musician and as a guitarist?
An important milestone in the history of the instrument. Without any doubt, any guitarist in this world (whether he wants it or not) who came after him has some Hendrix influences in his proper style, even without realizing that.

Which album or song of Hendrix would you emphasize?
Are You Experienced kicks ass.

If you had an opportunity to play with him, which song would you like to play?
It’s difficult to choose only one, but I think, Purple Haze.

If this meeting happened in Brasília, where would you take him to play?
I think it might be quite interesting to play with Hendrix on the esplanade of the ministry departments. Who knows, maybe on the Congress ramp, it was some show there a few years ago.

Whom would you invite to assist this musical walk in Brasília?
All the sensitive persons with good taste and admirers of real artist expressiveness.

Whom wouldn’t you invite?
For sure, anyone who take part in the actual system of the government of Federal District.

Your message for 50 years of Brasília anniversary
I’m too biased to say it due to my passion to the city, I was born and I was made here. I’ve already gone all over Brazil and a little bit over the rest of the world and in general I’ve never been in a better place for living. Long live Brasília and the quality of life it guarantees to us!

Guitarras do Cerrado website (in Portuguese)

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Marcelo!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Almah confirmed its first show in 2010

ALMAH is to be back on stage soon. The band has recently confirmed its participation in one of the most important rock festivals in Brazil Roça‘n’Roll in Fazenda Estrela, Minas Gerais. According to the official press-release of the event Almah will play on main festival’s night, June 12.

Besides Almah the following bands have already been confirmed: Bittencourt Project, Torture Squad, Kamala, Raveland, Hammurabi, Unliver and Mercuryio Projectile. The rest of the participants will be announced very soon. Besides musical show, there are many other events in the program of Roça‘n’Roll 2010 such as Air Guitar and Guitar Hero championships, workshops, exhibitions, theatrical performances etc.

Rock‘n’Roll takes place every year, the first festival was organized in 2005. Since then, it has welcomed more then 170 rock and metal bands from various parts of Brazil and other countries, becoming a real important event of the city. More information about Roça'n'Roll:

Almah was established as a solo project of Edu Falaschi and released its first album in 2006 (Brazil, Japan) and 2007 (Europe, USA). Then Almah turned to be a real band with permanent line-up, studio and live activities simultaneously with the work of the band participants in other bands and projects. The latest Almah studio album of the band was released in September-October 2008 through AFM Records (Europe, North America), JVC (Asia) and Laser Company (Brazil) with the following line-up: Edu Falaschi – vocals (Angra), Felipe Andreoli – bass (Angra), Marcelo Barbosa – guitars (Khallice), Paulo Schroeber – guitars, Marcelo Moreira – drums (Burning In Hell).

More news about Almah – very soon, stay tuned!

Birds Of Prey (Santo Andre, 2008):

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"Saturday's evening" solo from Marcelo Barbosa :) Enjoy!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Marcelo about opening Guns N'Roses show in Brasília with Khallice on March, 7 (click here or Read more button to get the complete report)

Two years after the legendary trip to Rio de Janeiro to open Dream Theater show, Marcelo Barbosa's Khallice played with another legend - Guns N'Roses, this time in the home city of the band, Brasília. Check out Marcelo's story about this challenge, some video and photo stuff!

Well, unfortunately for my blog, I’m not that kind of person who makes a lot of videos or photo stuff. Even at moments like this… and it’s a real mistake. But normally I’m so deep in my thoughts, so I forget to make shots. But this time I succeeded to do a few!

As it was mentioned before, the confirmation that we are the opening act of the show of the Guns came only on Friday evening. It's been two weeks since we got in touch with the promoter for the first time, I didn’t hear anything more about the show since then, so I became pretty sure that it wouldn’t happen. To be honest, I didn’t even tell anything to my band-mates about it, because it was only one chance and I didn’t intend to give them a vain hope. That’s why when I called the guys to let them know about the show, they didn’t want to believe. They thought that I was kidding, also due to my way to inform them about it. It was like this:
- Hi Michel. Are you going to the show of Guns on Sunday?
- Fuck... I think, no.
- But now you have to go, because we open it! :)

As a short preamble, I’d been already acquainted with the present guitarist of the Guns Ron Thal, we first met at Namm Show in Los Angeles a few years ago. We had a short conversation there, and he wasn’t in the band yet at that time. When I got to know that the Guns should come here I sent him an e-mail trying to schedule a workshop or something like that in GTR. As I expected I didn’t get his answer until the last Sunday. He replied that it could hardly be possible to coordinate any event with the Guns’ schedule, which was really crazy, with everything done in a rush and changes all the way through. I sent him my thanks in return and proposed to organize something when the Guns are not on tour. On Friday, after getting our show confirmation, I sent him one more e-mail with this news and the time frame of our soundcheck. And we arranged our meeting there.

(At Namm 2006)

Since Khallice doesn’t maintain any constant show schedule, the first difficulty that we faced with was the necessity to rehearse at least twice before the show. We fixed Saturday and Sunday to rehearse in my studio, and thus, I had a “mega punk” week-end again: shows with Zero 10 till early morning on Friday and Saturday and rehearsals with Khallice on Saturday and Sunday at noon!

We arrived to the venue on 3 p.m. and after checking the technical team and getting the instructions from the producers we were looking at the soundcheck of Sebastian’s band until 4 p.m. or something when the installation of our backline began. I adore playing on stage of big shows in Brasília, because it gives me a great opportunity to take along all the equipment I want and I need. The one who really doesn’t like this, is my roadie Bruno, because he has to carry two cases and a head of Orange amplifier, which are really not light in weight.

Everything passed perfectly. Our soundcheck was calm and tranquil and the band sounded very good on stage. It’s clear, we had a fixed sound limit - quite common thing for opening acts of great bands: 104 dbs of loudness. They do it mainly in order to provide some sound impact when the main band enters the stage. I’ve always found it an idiocy, but in the end…

Ah! Here’s some very interesting detail: EXACTLY on the 7th of March but two years ago we were in Rio de Janeiro, opening Dream Theater show. How big was the chance to hit the same day? One from 365... :)

Ok, after the soundcheck I had a chat with Ron. I presented him Neto and we were talking for a few hours. He showed me his equipment and the famous double neck guitar with one fretless finger-board and another normal one of Vigier. A very cool thing. I talked a little to the guitarists of Sebastian, they were very cool.

Our show was scheduled for 20:00, but it was changed to 20:30. We played 30 min for more than 20.000 people and, as usually, we were really welcomed by the public. When our show was finished, Ron was waiting for me on the right side of stage. He made compliments to me and then invited me to assist at the show of Sebasthian right from the stage. Great... why not? Fuckin’ great show!

(Photo by Guilherme Negrão)

Concerning the shows of Guns, despite the routine delay it was simply one of the best performances I’ve ever attended. It was a grand spectacle including everything – the sound, the light, the pyrotechnics and video. Very impressive.

(Photo by Guilherme Negrão)

Since our backstage room was next to the one of Sebastian, at the end of the event we spent some time together talking and drinking. This man is one of the main figures I know, very funny… very cool guy.

(Photo by Guilherme Negrão)

I came home almost on 4 a.m., very tired but also fulfilled. It was a very special Sunday. Thanks to all (from here and there) who sent us their positive thoughts and energy. See you soon!


Khallice backstage (photos by Guilherme Negrão)

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Marcelo Barbosa launches official French Blog

Renowned Brazilian musician and professor Marcelo Barbosa (KHALLICE, ALMAH, Zero10 guitarist and GTR Guitar Institute owner and teacher) launches his official blog in France. You can find a lot of information regarding the guitarist and his bands and projects in French, as well as many pictures, various videos and songs here:
The new service is managed by Almah France (official European fan club and official French site and blog of the band). Thanks a lot to Sylvie Catez for the support and initiative.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fan-video of Marcelo's band Zero10

UK Brasil Pub, Brasília DF
More about Zero10:
More videos of Marcelo Barbosa:

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Khallice in the air of MetalCast show

There are several bands out there offering their first material (EP, demo, album, …) for free. Hence the choice to finally add some of those freebies to the list. But they are just a tip of the iceberg. And they come from everywhere, be it France, Brazil, USA, or elsewhere. Again you’ll be surprised to hear and see which bands made it to the list. On top of that, we even went to Mexico and South Korea to look for bands worthy of your attention. At least, we hope they’re worthy. Enjoy the show and don’t hesitate to further check out the featured bands.

Host: Polina
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Polina, Judith

01. Heaven’s Basement – Executioner’s Day
02. Cryogen – This Nightmare
03. Legend – Dawn of Empire
04. Claustrofobia – Minefield
05. Khallice – Share a Little Something
06. Archenterum – Hamon Baal
07. Khrophus – Symbols Or Not
08. Etánisis – El Último Guerrero
09. Oranssi Pazuzu – Danjon Nolla
10. Tiamat – Cain


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