Saturday, October 30, 2010

Marcelo Barbosa presents a new part of Guitarosofia

Check out new videos of Marcelo Barbosa's Guitarosofia! As usually, the material is published at the official Youtube channel of the guitarist. It continues the series of short training videos in Portuguese.

Marcelo Barbosa left the following message in his Official Portuguese blog concerning the subject:

"Ok, tomorrow I will go to North America again, this time just to rest, to enjoy friends' company and to get to know a city that I have not had an opportunity to see before despite its attraction, Miami.

I have been working a lot at the didactic materials of GTR (Guitar Institute) as well as at the compositions for some projects I take part in. But I couldn't leave Brazil without presenting one more episode of Guitarosofia series. Once again, I had to divide one lesson into two parts due to Youtube ten-minutes limit for one video. I publish both parts at once. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it!"

See More videos at the Official Channel Of Marcelo Barbosa in Youtube

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Artemis musicians about Marcelo Barbosa in the interview for "Edu Falaschi France"

Artemis musicians, the drummer Pedro Senna and the guitarist Nathan Grego have been recently interviewed by Sylvie Catez for "Edu Falaschi France". Among other matters, the musicians expressed their respect to Marcelo Barbosa who played a great part in the history of the band and in the musical education of its members. Artemis is a young metal band from Brasília and the musicians are currently finishing their work at the debut as-yet-untitled album with the producer Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah). A few members of Artemis are GTR students - both guitarists, Nathan Grego and Gabriel “T-Bone” are the students of Marcelo. Before the vocals recording, a great singer Alírio Netto, Khallice frontman entered Artemis. Netto is not only a band mate of Marcelo in Khallice, he is also a respected professor and a part of GTR Guitar Institute team.
"I would like to thank Marcelo Barbosa who supported us during this period and also had a special participation in the album. The album is the result of more than one year of work, so it was very worked to show our talent to everyone", - told the guitarist Nathan Grego in the interview.
Read the complete article HERE.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Khallice has launched its official Twitter

Marcelo Barbosa's band Khallice has launched its official Twitter:

"Now the band Khallice also has its official Twitter. The design is done by my great partner Carlos Fides, from Artside. Don't miss the opportunity to follow, in this way you will always receive all the news and updates. See you there!"

Marcelo Barbosa

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