Friday, December 26, 2008

Marcelo Barbosa on stage with ALMAH (December 2008, Brazil)
(you can use "read more" link to see the complete gallery)

Brasília, 19th of December, photo by Gween Von S

Sources: Gween Von S, Almah Fan Blog (more pictures, videos etc are there!), Almah French Fan Blog, Alterna! blog, Midia Eventus.


Brasília, 19th of December, photos by Gween Von S

Juazeiro do Norte - 14/12/08, see the complete gallery on Midia Eventus.

Teresina - 13/12/08, photos by Vitoria are taken from Almah French Blog.

Juazeiro do Norte (CE) - 14/12/200, Photo by Porão do rock / Luiz Paulo (orkut)

Maceio - 02/12/08, photos by Romane

Maceió - 02/12/2008, photo by Fabio Paes

Fortaleza 05/12/08, photo by Anderson (Orkut)

Natal - 06/12/2008, photo by Manuel Duarte

Natal - 06/12/2008, photo by Manuel Duarte

Saõ Luís 12/12/2008, photo by Renata Campos

Saõ Luís 12/12/2008, Photos by Alterna! blog, the complete Almah gallery is here

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