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Almah (Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro, 05/04/09) by Whiplash
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By Monica Fontes/Whiplash
For more photos and the original review in Portuguese
Translated by Irina Ivanova

After some successful tour around different cities in Brazil Almah has chosen Rio de Janeiro for the last show supporting “Fragile Equality” album. Unfortunately, Almah will have to reduce its tour activities due to Angra’s comeback and its upcoming tour with Sepultura announced for the next month, since the vocalist Edu Falaschi and the bass player Felipe Andreoli take part in both bands.

There were big expectations regarding Almah show, because the band had not played in Rio de Janeiro since 2006. And this time, it was completely different line-up.
The show began with “Birds Of Prey”, one of the most impressive songs from “Fragile Equality” recognized as the best album 2008 by different mass media. “Take Back Your Spell” and “Children Of Lies” from the first CD of the band were the next ones.
The band played two Angra’s songs in order to remind about this great act, both ones by the authorship of Edu Falaschi - “Bleeding Heart” and “Nova Era”, the audience has always accepted them very well. It is important that before, when Angra actively worked, many people asked the band to play “Bleeding Heart”. Let’s see if these fans are excited of the band coming back.
The show proceeded with the songs from both Almah CDs. Almah live always amazes by its harmonious team-work on stage, by freedom and technique of all the musicians. The guitarists Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Barbosa perform everything in the way, which is very close to the record itself, and the fans like it. They impressed a lot those people who had not seen them live yet.
The bassist Felipe Andreoli, who has always been a remarkable musician, working in Angra and his other projects, looks even more free in Almah. And the aggressive style of Marcelo Moreira (drums) also contributed a lot to this heavy sound always demonstrated by the band till now.
I’d like to emphasize two killer songs “Magic Flame” from the 2d album and “King” from the 1st one. They are great recorded on the CD and even better live, they were two highest points of the show. “Torn” considered as the best song of “Fragile Equality” by many people, also became a remarkable moment.
“Forgotten Land” is one of the nicest ballads of Almah. Besides singing, Edu Falaschi also played keyboards. He looked very excited being on stage, he did one of his best performances and he left everyone excited to see him in May singing the classics of Angra. He conducted the show perfectly from the beginning till the end, making clear why he is considered to be one of the biggest names in metal in Brazil and the whole world.
The band finished the show by “You’ll Understand”, the first published song from “Fragile Equality” on the bands MySpace page, now it available there together with “Birds Of Prey”, “Fragile Equality” and “Torn”.
For us, “cariocas” (people who live in Rio de Janeiro), it was worth the wait to see this show, it justified all the expectations.
Let’s wait for a break in Angra’s schedule so that Almah starts working at a new album and returns to represent itself again. It shouldn’t take too long because the metal scene in Brazil really needs this band.

Set List:
Birds Of Prey
Take Back Your Spell
Children Of Lies
Bleeding Heart
Magic Flame
Fragile Equality
Golden Empire
Scary Zone
Forgotten Land
All I Am
Beyond Tomorrow
Nova Era
You’ll Understand

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