Monday, January 26, 2009

Almah: Fragile Equality is one of the best selling records in Brazil

According to a recent research by one of the most important Brazilian heavy metal magazines Roadie Crew (#120, January 2009) Almah's second album Fragile Equality became one of the top-5 best selling CDs in Brazil together with the new albums of AC/DC, Metallica, Motörhead and Guns N’ Roses. In the meantime, Fragile Equality was mentioned as one of the most important releases in 2008 and the best Brazilian album released in 2008 by a few members of Roadie Crew editorial staff. The new Almah album Fragile Equality was released 24th of September in Brazil and Japan (JVC) and 17th of October 2008 in the rest of the world (AFM). Marcelo Barbosa recorded guitars for the album (together with Paulo Schroeber), contributed in composing part and spent the first part of the tour supporting Fragile Equality in November-December 2009.(Thanks Monica Fontes for the news).

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