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KHALLICE, an important progressive metal act in Brazil started its international career in 2006 when the debut album The Journey was released worldwide through Magna Carta, a renowned progressive label from North America.

Although the band exists since 1994, the recognition didn't come too early as far as KHALLICE have had some line-up changes and several breaks during its career: the band's musicians normally are in great demand in different bands, projects and other musical activities. On the other hand the big musical experience in different fields and in various styles of music is a real assurance of the highest quality of KHALLICE recordings. Every live show of the band is noted by great musicianship and tremendous live energy. No wonder, all KHALLICE members are professional musicians and musical teachers, and the band's founder Marcelo Barbosa (guitars) is the owner of GTR Institute, one of the most respected musical schools in Latin America, and currently is a member of ANGRA's Edu Falaschi's band ALMAH.

KHALLICE started in 1994 as a cover band (playing Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple classics), but very soon the musicians began to create their own stuff. The band released two important demos with good feedback. The first demo of the band was done in their native Portuguese. Then they recorded the song "Madman Lullaby", an English version of "Balada do Louco" (a hit of the world-famous Brazilian band Os Mutantes from 1970?s) for a Tribute CD to former Mutantes member, Arnaldo Baptista.

The second demo "Prophecy" was received very well by the local fans and magazines from all over Brazil. In June 1999 Alírio Netto, who played the part of Jesus in the Brazilian and Mexican casts of "Jesus Christ Superstar" joined the band as a lead vocalist. He replaced Mario Línhares who had left the band. But due to his occupation in the rock opera he could really start his work with KHALLICE only at the end of 2001. Finally KHALLICE established stable line-up and finished writing the stuff for their first album, "The Journey".

The band's line-up at that time consisted of Marcelo Barbosa (guitars), Alírio Netto (vocals), Michel Marciano (bass), Cesar Zolhof (drums), Bruno Wambier (keyboards). The Journey was recorded in November 2001 - August 2002 in Zen Studio, Brasília and included new tunes and rebuilt versions of songs written since the beginning of the band. All the songs were created by Marcelo Barbosa and Bruno Wambier. There were some sophisticated prog metal songs like Spiritual Jewel with some links and allusions to Dream Theater and classical progressive bands of 1970's like Yes and metal hit songs like Vampire, Wrong Words, Thunderstorm... and for sure the title track The Journey! Good instrumental parts, great melodies and excellent, very diverse vocals of Netto are the highlights of the album. The Journey received very good reaction from national media. ccording to Thiago Sarkis, Whiplash.net observer, "The Journey play the same part in Brazil like Images and Words of Dream Theater is for prog metal worldwide". According to the review in Poppycorn.com Webzine: "The album includes 9 compositions with much virtuosity, a lot of guitar and keyboards solos and everything that the prog metal style offers".

To the national release of The Journey KHALLICE played a very special concert with one of the most important rock bands in Brazil DR. SIN. With The Journey set-list KHALLICE played at very big musical festivals like Porao do Rock (50,000) and Brasília Music Festival (BMF), sharing the stage such with artists as Alanis Morissete and Simply Red.

The first press of The Journey as a self-release was sold out in less than six months. In the beginning of 2004 it was re-released by Hellion Records and in 2006 an important progressive rock label from North America Magna Carta managed a worldwide release of The Journey.

Marcelo Barbosa for PerfectProg Webzine (2006): "It happened in the beggining of this year. I went to the USA to play at NAMM and I met Greg Howe for the second time in my life. He gave some classes in 2005 and now I would like to take this opportunity again. I really like his playing, he's one of my favorites players in the world. So, I showed to him two songs of our new CD that were done at this time. He really enjoyed it and helped me with some contacts. Magna Carta was our best option".

After some line-up changes, in the summer of 2007 KHALLICE started recording of the second full-length album with the following line-up: Alírio Netto (vocals), Marcelo Barbosa (guitars), Michel Marciano (bass), Pedro Assunçao (drums) and Renato Gomes (keyboards).

At the end of January 2008 the band won a contest announced by DREAM THEATER to support one of their shows during Brazilian part of the tour supporting Systematic Chaos album. In March 2008 KHALLICE played amazing gig with DT in Rio de Janeiro. It was not only another opportunity to gather new experience or to conquer some new audience but really making dreams come true. Obviously, it was a great goal for KHALLICE to win the recognition of the headliner of the genre.

Specially for this show KHALLICE prepared a promotional EP Inside Your Head with 5 new songs from the upcoming 2nd album. The new stuff made it clear that during these years KHALLICE reached a new level of composing, playing and production. EP included 3 typical prog metal tracks Inside Your Head, In The Fire and Share A Little Something (with great orchestral arrangements) and two fantastic semi metal ballads Letting Go and Reasons. The cover artwork was created by Gustavo Sazes (Abstrata).

From the Metal Madman Webzine review (rating 9/10): "The production is now crisp, clear, heavy, and with a solid bottom end to it. Vocals are blended perfectly in the mix, and sound incredible. The harmonies alone make this EP worth checking out! What I like about Khallice is even though they are a progressive metal band its not overly done, and the songs flow very well with great catchy melodies, and rhythms."

At this highest point in the middle of 2007 frequent activities of KHALLICE were stopped for a while. The release of the 2d album was postponed due to Marcelo Barbosa's membership in ALMAH band formed by some members of ANGRA and recorded Fragile Equality studio album (2008) with the guitarist of KHALLICE. The second full-length album of KHALLICE is to be released in 2009.

* Prophecy (1996, demo)
* The Journey (2003, Hellion Records)
* The Journey (2006, Magna Carta) - re-release + bonus Stuck
* Inside Your Head (2008)

Current Members
* Alirío Netto (vocals)
* Marcelo Barbosa (guitars)
* Michel Marciano (bass)
* Pedro Assunçao (drums)
* Renato Gomes (keyboards)
Former members
* Bruno Wambier (keyboards)
* Pedro Mamede (drums)
* Cesar Zolhof (drums)
* Mauricio Barbosa (drums)
* Mario Línhares (vocals)

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