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Marcelo about opening Guns N'Roses show in Brasília with Khallice on March, 7 (click here or Read more button to get the complete report)

Two years after the legendary trip to Rio de Janeiro to open Dream Theater show, Marcelo Barbosa's Khallice played with another legend - Guns N'Roses, this time in the home city of the band, Brasília. Check out Marcelo's story about this challenge, some video and photo stuff!

Well, unfortunately for my blog, I’m not that kind of person who makes a lot of videos or photo stuff. Even at moments like this… and it’s a real mistake. But normally I’m so deep in my thoughts, so I forget to make shots. But this time I succeeded to do a few!

As it was mentioned before, the confirmation that we are the opening act of the show of the Guns came only on Friday evening. It's been two weeks since we got in touch with the promoter for the first time, I didn’t hear anything more about the show since then, so I became pretty sure that it wouldn’t happen. To be honest, I didn’t even tell anything to my band-mates about it, because it was only one chance and I didn’t intend to give them a vain hope. That’s why when I called the guys to let them know about the show, they didn’t want to believe. They thought that I was kidding, also due to my way to inform them about it. It was like this:
- Hi Michel. Are you going to the show of Guns on Sunday?
- Fuck... I think, no.
- But now you have to go, because we open it! :)

As a short preamble, I’d been already acquainted with the present guitarist of the Guns Ron Thal, we first met at Namm Show in Los Angeles a few years ago. We had a short conversation there, and he wasn’t in the band yet at that time. When I got to know that the Guns should come here I sent him an e-mail trying to schedule a workshop or something like that in GTR. As I expected I didn’t get his answer until the last Sunday. He replied that it could hardly be possible to coordinate any event with the Guns’ schedule, which was really crazy, with everything done in a rush and changes all the way through. I sent him my thanks in return and proposed to organize something when the Guns are not on tour. On Friday, after getting our show confirmation, I sent him one more e-mail with this news and the time frame of our soundcheck. And we arranged our meeting there.

(At Namm 2006)

Since Khallice doesn’t maintain any constant show schedule, the first difficulty that we faced with was the necessity to rehearse at least twice before the show. We fixed Saturday and Sunday to rehearse in my studio, and thus, I had a “mega punk” week-end again: shows with Zero 10 till early morning on Friday and Saturday and rehearsals with Khallice on Saturday and Sunday at noon!

We arrived to the venue on 3 p.m. and after checking the technical team and getting the instructions from the producers we were looking at the soundcheck of Sebastian’s band until 4 p.m. or something when the installation of our backline began. I adore playing on stage of big shows in Brasília, because it gives me a great opportunity to take along all the equipment I want and I need. The one who really doesn’t like this, is my roadie Bruno, because he has to carry two cases and a head of Orange amplifier, which are really not light in weight.

Everything passed perfectly. Our soundcheck was calm and tranquil and the band sounded very good on stage. It’s clear, we had a fixed sound limit - quite common thing for opening acts of great bands: 104 dbs of loudness. They do it mainly in order to provide some sound impact when the main band enters the stage. I’ve always found it an idiocy, but in the end…

Ah! Here’s some very interesting detail: EXACTLY on the 7th of March but two years ago we were in Rio de Janeiro, opening Dream Theater show. How big was the chance to hit the same day? One from 365... :)

Ok, after the soundcheck I had a chat with Ron. I presented him Neto and we were talking for a few hours. He showed me his equipment and the famous double neck guitar with one fretless finger-board and another normal one of Vigier. A very cool thing. I talked a little to the guitarists of Sebastian, they were very cool.

Our show was scheduled for 20:00, but it was changed to 20:30. We played 30 min for more than 20.000 people and, as usually, we were really welcomed by the public. When our show was finished, Ron was waiting for me on the right side of stage. He made compliments to me and then invited me to assist at the show of Sebasthian right from the stage. Great... why not? Fuckin’ great show!

(Photo by Guilherme Negrão)

Concerning the shows of Guns, despite the routine delay it was simply one of the best performances I’ve ever attended. It was a grand spectacle including everything – the sound, the light, the pyrotechnics and video. Very impressive.

(Photo by Guilherme Negrão)

Since our backstage room was next to the one of Sebastian, at the end of the event we spent some time together talking and drinking. This man is one of the main figures I know, very funny… very cool guy.

(Photo by Guilherme Negrão)

I came home almost on 4 a.m., very tired but also fulfilled. It was a very special Sunday. Thanks to all (from here and there) who sent us their positive thoughts and energy. See you soon!


Khallice backstage (photos by Guilherme Negrão)

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