Friday, May 14, 2010

ALMAH resumes Fragile Equality Tour

In June 2010 ALMAH is again on the road with Fragile Equality Tour program. The new leg of the tour will include a few dates in Brazil. According to the bass player Felipe Andreoli, the band is booking as many dates as possible while Angra is finishing the production of the new CD. The band is very happy to come back on stage with Fragile Equality Tour program. One of the shows will take place in Marcelo's home city - Brasília. Marcelo's band KHALLICE is to play with Almah this time in Goiânia!!!

Almah - Varginha/MG - 12/06/2010
Roça N’ Roll Festival

Almah - Belo Horizonte/MG - 13/06/2010
Hard Rock Café

Almah & Khallice - Goiânia/GO - 17/06/2010
Bolshoi Pub

Almah - Brasília/DF - 19/06/2010
Local: Marreco's Fest

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