Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Interview for Metalzone Webzine (Greece)

Metalzone: Hello and welcome to Metalzone. Your brand new album, “Motion”, has been released about a month ago. Tell us a few things about this new endeavor of yours.

Marcelo Barbosa: I think that now, three years after our last record we are more mature as musicians and also as a team. We know each other better so everything was faster than the last time. We worked in the pre-production thru emails and hung up for one week before getting into the studio. In this week we arranged every song and the results were impressive. Like I said, as we know each other better we knew what to expect from each one about music, playing and song writing. The whole process was smooth, easy and really fast.

Metalzone: As far as I am concerned Almah begun as a solo project, featuring Angra’s singer Edu Falaschi. Five years after the band was formed, it has released 3 studio albums; so, can we say that Almah is now a “full time” band?

Marcelo Barbosa: Yes you’re right. It began as a solo project but even before the second album it became a band. I’m with Edu and Felipe since that time when we were touring promoting the first album and sometime after that Moreira and Paulo joined the band. During the Fragile Equality process we firmed this line up and as time goes by we feel more comfortable as a team, as a group. For now we all are a hundred percent focused in Almah and in the promotion of MOTION that is in my opinion our best work.

Metalzone: From my perspective, your music is a combination of heavy/power metal and progressive power metal and “melody” is the key word in this “mixture”. How would you describe your music?

Marcelo Barbosa: You did it well. I would say that Almah’s music is based on the triad: power, technique and melody. Me and Felipe are really into p music, Paulo is fully into death/trash and Edu is a great songwriter who always comes up with catchy melodies. We are pretty eclectic but metal is the common line between us. So, these three elements are in every song we write and it became something like a trademark.

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