Sunday, September 5, 2010

GTR lead by Marcelo Barbosa is a partner of one of the most important musical festivals in Brazil

GTR Instituto de Guitarra headed by Marcelo Barbosa will take part in the upcoming Porão do Rock Festival in Brasília in a very special way. The school will give a name to the heavy metal stage of the festival: this year it will be PALCO GTR. The event will take place on 11th of September. Porão do Rock is one of the most important musical festivals of Brazil. This year many important Brazilian bands will play on PALCO GTR such as Korzus, Andre Matos Band and Dynahead. Porão do Rock is an independent musical festival, its history started in 1998. This is not only musical event, Porão do Rock is famous due to its important social activities, it got many national awards over the years.
More about the Festival (in Portuguese):

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