Saturday, September 18, 2010

The nation-wide success of Marcelo Barbosa’s GTR Institute

We’re proud to announce that some teachers and former students of GTR headed by Marcelo Barbosa have recently entered the finals of the two most important guitar contests in Brazil in 2010.

Dimas Andrade is one of the seven finalists of Double Vision contest, chosen from 500 candidates. In the final of the other contest, Tagima Dream Team 2010, there are two GTR related masters. Besides Dimas Andrade, the guitar teacher Ian Lucena has also reached the final. Both are former students of GTR and nowadays they teach in the Institute.

It’s also an honor to us that two other ex-students/teachers of GTR have been specially mentioned in Double Vision contest, despite not entering the grand final: Alex Pires and Rodrigo Fernandez.

It’s very important for us that many GTR students and teachers have played a significant part in all the guitar contests on the national level during the last years. This is a real evidence of incredible talent, professionalism and dedication of everyone who is a part of our great GTR family.

We can also mention such GTR names as Lucas Fagundes (NIG, Souza Lima), Bruno Albuquerque (NIG, Tagima Dream Team), Ian Lucena (NIG) and Rodrigo Fernandez (Kiko Loureiro/D'Addario).

”I’m really proud to have this opportunity to work personally, in my lecture room with all these people and many other great guitarists. I’m very happy to put my efforts in the music education process of every one of them. I’m totally sure, that it’s only the beginning.

Thanks a lot to all the students, teachers and partners and good luck to our new talents!”

Marcelo Barbosa

Check out a few videos of the masters from GTR:

Dimas Andrade

Alex Pires

Rodrigo Fernandez

Ian Lucena (Bemolator)

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