Saturday, September 17, 2011

About Almah's Motion

Ok, I'm in the other side of the world, in Hamburg, Germany, working in the promotion of our new album. In the last seven days, we visited Japan, France and now Germany. This experience has been great but also exausting. While we're here, I just realized that today is the release of MOTION in Brazil. We are really excited to know what you people will think about this work and based on some questions we're answering in this promo trip, I wrote down some lines about the album and it's conception in one of the many flights we took these days.

Hope you enjoy...

I really believe that we as human beings are always, consciously or uncosciously, changing. We change in our way of thinking, in our feelings and the way we see life itself. In some people the changes are stronger, in other smoother, it depends on a serie of factors, but the main point here is that we change, adapt, evolve. This is what makes the whole MOTION concept so interisting and rich. Beside, as a consequence, art itself changes too. As an artist who expresses himself throught the music, I think that since your art is a way of expression of your feelings, thoughts, sensations or whatever, it's more than natural that it changes with any change that comes to you. Otherwise, it's nothing more than fake, false or forced way of making music based in a predetermined formula, normally choosen from what the artist or the record lable thinks it would be better accepted by the market itself.

In this CD, we wrote and played what we were feeling. There isn't one note or word on it that doesn't represent our truth at this moment and I do believe that anyone who listens to it closely with an open heart and mind will notice it. That's why we're so proud of it.

Really hope you enjoy! Keep moving!

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