Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ALMAH presented the new album to Europe and Japan, Complete audio from Japanese pocket show and exclusive pictures

Marcelo Barbosa and other ALMAH’s musicians Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli have recently returned from one-week promotional tour dedicated to the third album of the band, MOTION. The new studio effort of ALMAH has been met with the great interest and enthusiasm by the mass media in Japan and Europe. The program of the trip included such cities as Tokyo, Paris and Hamburg with visits to the headquaters of JVC-Victor / Japan and AFM Records / Germany, lots of interviews, and one meet&great / sold-out pocket show in Tokyo (September 14). Edu, Felipe and Marcelo succeded to present MOTION to many important international media from various countries such as BURRN!, YOUNG GUITAR, METAL HAMMER, ROCK HARD, HARD ROCK, ROCK IT, IPC (REDE GLOBO JAPAN) and many others.


The extensive photo gallery about this trip (including onstage and offstage stuff) is available at this location. Photos by Almah and Martin Hladik/Agency.

Series of offstage videos:
Interviews in Japan, P.1 (English)
Interviews in Japan, P.2 (English)
Almah offstage in Tokyo, P.1 (Portuguese)
Almah offstage in Tokyo, P.2 (Portuguese)
Almah offstage in Paris (Portuguese)

MOTION was recorded in São Paulo, Brazil at Norcal Studios in May-June 2011. The album was mixed and mastered at Split Second Sound Studios (Amsterdam, Netherlands) by Jochem Jacobs (TEXTURES) in July. On September 16th the album was launched in Brazil. According to Die Hard distribution network the first press of the CD has been almost sold out during pre-order period. The release dates in other countries are the following: October 14th (Europe, North America / AFM Records), October 14th (Latin America / Icarus Records), October 19th (Japan / Victor JVC).

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